Policy 7104 – Administering the Project

WWW Posting Date: 1/15/2002

Responsible Office: Office of Research and Innovation

The Project Director is responsible for the conduct of his/her project and assumes
the primary responsibility for ensuring that all reports and other commitments specified
in the proposal and the funding agency’s guidelines are met. This responsibility includes
both the fiscal and scientific aspects of the project. All funding agencies view the
Project Director as the person “on the site” who is immediately responsible for all
aspects of the conduct of a project. The University’s policy affirms this perspective.

One of the important aspects of conducting a project is making decisions based upon
the financial status of the project. Therefore, the Project Director is responsible
for keeping track of the financial status of his/her project. Regardless of whether
the Project Director keeps the books for the project or he/she supervises a member
of the project staff’s keeping of the project books, the Project Director is the person
responsible for having and maintaining the necessary timely and accurate information
of the financial status of the project.

The Office of Sponsored Projects will provide assistance and advice in project bookkeeping.
Sponsored Projects operates a grant management system to track the progress of all
project expenditures and to monitor each project’s financial status through the term
of the project.