Policy 7108 – Use of Human Subjects

Revision Date: 08/26/2008

Last Review:  02/09/2023

Responsible Office: Office of Research and Partnerships

References:  Department of Health and Human Services


Louisiana Tech University has filed an Assurance of Compliance with the Department of Health and Human Services regarding its implementation of the provisions of the requisitions for the protection of human research subjects. All proposed research projects involving human subjects, both sponsored and non-sponsored (including simple observation of human behavior) must be submitted for approval to the Human Use Committee which functions as the University’s Institutional Review Board before the research project is initiated as well as periodically during the conduct of the research project. Effective 2008-09 academic year, faculty/staff and students are required to submit documentation of continuing education in the protection of human research subjects. Documentation must be submitted with all IRB human research proposals. This demonstration of continuing education is a part of Louisiana Tech’s commitment to ethical research. On-line training information for the required continuing education and documentation as well as policies, procedures, forms and FAQ’s can be accessed at the Louisiana Tech University research web site or contact the Office of Sponsored Projects.


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