Policy 7110 – Termination Procedures

WWW Posting Date: 1/15/2002

Responsible Office: Office of Research and Innovation 

Sixty days prior to a project’s termination date, the Office of Sponsored Projects
will forward a Notice of Termination Form to the Project Director. The Project Director
needs to note on the Termination Form any need for supplemental funding and/or termination
extension to complete the project satisfactorily. The Project Director should include
on the Termination Form any financial data that may not appear in official accounting
ledgers (e.g., time sheets, matching funds records when matching is accomplished in
an in-kind manner, postage charges, and computer charges). Project Directors also
should notify the Personnel Office in order to terminate all persons employed on a
sponsored program. In addition to these University requirements, Project Directors
should work with the Office of Sponsored Projects to complete the project termination
requirements of the funding agency.