Frequently Asked Questions


Applications & Admission Materials

Where do I send my application materials?

Please Send All Application Materials To:

Louisiana Tech University
Office of Admissions
P.O. Box 3178
Ruston, LA 71272

I need to start a new application, but the online system is telling me I can’t make changes to my application anymore. How do I complete a new application?

You will need to have your online application reset. Please call the Admissions Office at 318.257.3036 for assistance

I can’t find the freshman/transfer/full readmission/visiting/post-bac application.

All of the big red “Undergraduate Admissions Application” buttons on the Apply Now! page link to the same page; this is not incorrect. Once you have registered for an account and started completing your application, there will be an option that allows you to select whichever category (New Freshman, Readmission, Transfer, Visiting, Concurrent/Early Admission, Post-Baccalaureate) applies to you.

I don’t have a high school diploma. Are GED scores okay?

We only accept GED scores in lieu of a high school diploma if the student is 25 years of age or older.

What are the admission requirements for nontraditional students?

Nontraditional students who do not have a high school diploma and/or standardized testing scores may be considered under a different set of requirements. Please contact our office for more information regarding your options for admission.

Will Louisiana Tech request my transcripts from the other institutions I attended?

No. You must request your transcripts yourself and have them sent to Undergraduate Admissions. If you are requesting paper transcripts, have them sent to:

Louisiana Tech University
Office of Admissions
P.O. Box 3178
Ruston, LA 71272

If you are using an electronic transcript system, please see the question immediately following.

Does Louisiana Tech accept electronic transcripts? Which email address do I send them to?

Yes. We have a subscription to the eSS electronic transcript system. If you are sending your transcript electronically, be sure to send it to the default Undergraduate Admissions selection rather than a specific faculty or staff member’s email address. If the electronic transcript system asks for an email address, please use (If the system does not ask for this information, it is already on file.) The Registrar receives all electronic transcripts and then forwards them to Undergraduate Admissions. Transcripts sent to any other email address may be delayed or misplaced.

How will I know if I’m admitted?

We will inform you of our admissions decision by email and regular mail. Please be sure that the email address and mailing address you provide on your application are correct, and check your email often!

How do I defer my admission?

We will keep your application on file for up to two quarters. If you want to defer your admission for just one quarter, contact us and we can update that in the system. If you wish to attend two or more quarters after your original admission date, you must resubmit the application and application fee.

Can I repeat a placement or credit exam if I do not pass the first time?

No. You can only attempt a placement or credit exam once.

I have applied for my permanent resident card but it’s not official yet. Do I apply as a permanent resident or as an international student?

You must apply as an international student. You may not apply through undergraduate admissions as a permanent resident until you have your permanent resident card in hand and can supply a copy of the actual card to our office.


How do I register for orientation?

Orientation is a private event for admitted students. The only way to register for orientation is through an email invitation that will be sent to the email address you listed on your application after you have been accepted.

What and where is the TONK?

The TONK is a room in the Student Center, which is number 82 on the map.


How do I know whether I’ll be charged in-state or out-of-state tuition?

Information about whether you qualify as an in-state student can be found on our Residency page.

Why isn’t TOPS showing up on my statement?

It may take most of the summer for the State to finalize TOPS awards. If you’re concerned about your TOPS, you may contact the Office of Financial Aid in Keeny Hall to double-check what you should receive.

Why are there housing charges on my bill? I’m not living on campus!

If you have confirmed that you will attend the university and have not already completed paperwork to exempt you from living on campus, housing charges will appear on your bill, even if you did not apply for housing. If you do not intend to live on campus, please contact Housing to obtain and complete the appropriate paperwork.

Transfer Admission And Transfer Credits

What do I do to transfer to Louisiana Tech?

Check out our Transfer Admission Requirements for full instructions and information.

I want to start going to a community college or a college close to home and then transfer to Louisiana Tech. Which classes should I take?

It would be best to take general education classes (history, college algebra, English Composition I and II, general psychology, political science, etc.). For a list of courses that transfer between state institutions, go to the Master Course Articulation Matrix on the Board of Regents’ website. If you have a question about a specific course you have signed up for or taken, feel free to contact us.

How and when will I know what credit will transfer?

An official evaluation of the credits you have completed will be conducted by department according to the major you indicated on your application. You may contact the department of your intended major with your specific questions.

How many hours may I transfer toward a Louisiana Tech degree?

A maximum of 68 semester hours from a junior college or community college may be applied toward a bachelor’s degree at Louisiana Tech. Additionally, a transfer student must earn at least 25% of the semester hours required for the curricula from Louisiana Tech in order to graduate. For more information, please see the Course Catalog.

How do I know which developmental class to take at another school?

Many community colleges offer several “levels” of developmental classes. You will need to take the highest level offered in order to satisfy the developmental requirement for Louisiana Tech.

Are there any scholarships for transfer students?

We do offer a number of transfer scholarships for students who transfer in with less than 90 hours. Check out the list of scholarships and eligibility requirements


How do I go about being readmitted to the university?

Please view our readmission procedure.

I attended Louisiana Tech some time ago. Can I still apply for readmission, or do I have to start over and apply as a freshman?

There is no time limit on readmission to Louisiana Tech. If you have attended Louisiana Tech previously, you will be classified as a readmission student. If you attended another institution between the last time you attended Louisiana Tech and now, you must submit official transcripts showing final grades for all the credit you earned as well.


What is the physical address of the University?

Please note: If you absolutely must send something to the physical address of the University (e.g., some express mail carriers will not accept a P.O. box for delivery), it is listed below. However, please do not send your application materials to the physical address unless the service you are using specifically cannot accept P.O. boxes. Instead, send them to Louisiana Tech University Office of Admissions, P.O. Box 3178, Ruston, LA 71272.

The physical address is:

305 Wisteria St.
Ruston, LA 71272