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Comprehensive Public Training Program

The Comprehensive Public Training Program (CPTP) educates and empowers the state government workforce by providing appropriate learning and development opportunities. CPTP takes state government leadership and general skills training to the next level through instructor-led training, distance learning, web-based training, virtual training and social media.

CPTP is housed within State Civil Service Training Division. CPTP provides:

  • A highly-qualified staff of instructors and designers with specific expertise in civil service rules and compliance.
  • Management and personal development programs created and delivered through a partnership with Louisiana State University.
  • Training that teaches state employees how to effectively make critical decisions, solve complex problems, and think strategically using interactive web-based courses, scenario-driven learning, and hands-on workshops.
  • Opportunities to implement organizational and cultural change through innovative content-delivery methods, prioritized learning and content topics, and revolutionized content and delivery of learning and development through technology.
  • Integrated state training data through an efficient system that allows employees to access and review up-to-date training records.
  • A balanced distribution between instructor-led and technology-based course delivery methods.
  • Critical training needs for state employees through needs assessment, focus groups, agency interaction, in-person interviews, user testing, subject matter expert feedback, and user capability.
  • Consulting for state agencies to determine specialized training needs as well as to evaluation agency training programs.

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