Summer Camps/Conference Housing

Louisiana Tech University welcomes the opportunity to provide an exceptional camp experience for sponsoring organizations during our summer quarter!  We provide housing accommodations,  meals, and recreational/meeting spaces for a variety of groups including athletic, academic, religious,  and special interests each summer.

Our desire is that you and your organization receive excellent customer service during your time on campus, as we work together to promote the mission of your organization and our University!   Should you have any questions or would like a tour of our facilities, please contact our office at 318.257.4917 or email

Application for Conferences/Summer Camps

Summer Conference Housing Guide 2023

Pre-Arrival Details

Application, Reservation, and Cancellation

Please complete the summer conference housing application below.  Once the application is received by our department, the request will be processed.  The Director of Residential Life and Summer Camps will email the sponsoring organization’s contact  to either confirm or alter the request.   These conversations discussing  changes and/or acceptance will be via email.

Once the application is processed and both the sponsoring organization and the Director of Residential Life and Summer Camps agree to the dates, times, assignments, etc., a reservation will be made and the sponsoring organization will be notified.  An application is not a contract and can be cancelled within 30 days of the first date of your camp/conference.  Information can be updated once the application is submitted.  Camp/Conference cancellations must  be  made in writing to the Department of Residential Life within 30 days of the first date of the camp/conference.

Camp Coordinator Contact Assignment

Around the end of April, your sponsoring organization will be assigned a Coordinator of Student Development (who will become your  Camp  Coordinator) to work with in regards to the details of your stay.  This assigned individual will contact you initially at the end of April or beginning of May and will remain in contact with you prior to your arrival.  The Coordinator will ask for updated numbers and will review the details given during your application process.  You should contact your Coordinator with any special needs or concerns you may have in relation to your reservation, scheduling, or accommodations.  Unless otherwise noted during the planning stages, your organization’s check in will be held at the front desk of the residence hall that you will be occupying.  Should you occupy the apartments, your Coordinator will give you specific details for this check in location prior to your camp’s arrival.

Room Space Count and Assignments

In order for Residential Life to best be prepared for the number of attendees you have, we need to receive updated numbers closer to the arrival date.  Although the application may list approximate numbers, the sponsoring organization will be asked to provide a room space count at least seven days before students/staff arrive on campus.  Your Coordinator will be in contact with you to provide a reminder for the submission of this  form.  While this is not the final count, it should be as close as possible.  Your group may be billed for either the room space count numbers or the actual number that attends, whichever is greater.  If a group fails to complete the count and notify their Coordinator, the original numbers on the application will be  used as the minimum amount of spaces the camp is responsible for paying.  The room space count is the guaranteed amount of spaces the University can provide.  If your group needs more on the day the conference starts, Residential Life will try to provide additional space, as space permits.

To plan for check ins, our staff needs to know what groups/individuals your staff has assigned to which locations.  These rooming lists should be submitted to your Camp Coordinator at least 48 hours before campers arrive to campus.  This is very important for our staff, as this preparation helps ensure a smooth check in.

  1. Your  Coordinator will reach out  to you in regards to the building(s) you plan to utilize.  Your Coordinator will send you an Excel spreadsheet listing the room spaces available for use in the assignment process, as well as a floor plan.
  2. You assign your spaces and return the Excel spreadsheet to your Coordinator at least 48 hours prior to the first student/staff arriving on campus.
  3. Your Coordinator should be notified if there are any changes made to assignments after check ins are complete.

If you would like another option for assigning at check in, please notify your Coordinator.

Arrival Details & Other Helpful Information

Check-In Process

Our staff can check your organization in by utilizing one of two methods:

  1. All keys and check ins occur in the residential facility to which your group is assigned.  The check ins will be located at the front desk of each residence hall or at a separate location (informed of prior to camp dates) for apartments.  Keys will be handed out to groups (churches, schools, etc.) rather than on an individual basis if the opportunity exists.
  2. If you have a small group (less than 50) and/or attendees are check-in in after 5pm or on a weekend, you may request to have a sponsoring organization representative to retrieve keys from a Residential Life staff member prior to this time so these individuals can receive their keys in a different manner.  Any unused keys should be returned to your Camp Coordinator on the next business day to avoid any charges.


At check in participants will be given a physical key that gives them access to their assigned room as well as a FOB that will grant them access to their particular hall in which they are assigned.  If they are assigned to the apartments, they will not need nor be assigned a FOB.  The FOB can be swiped at the card readers near the front door of the hall to gain entrance.  A participants’ FOB will only work on their assigned building.  Lost keys should be reported immediately to the front desk or to a member  of our Residential Life staff.  A work order will be written to change the door lock, which should be completed within the hours of 8am-5pm the day of the reported lost key.  The group will be charged for a  lock change at the time of the invoice.  There is a charge of $20 per lost or unreturned key.  Please advise all group members to lock their doors  at all times in an effort to keep your community secure.

Meal Cards

Meal cards will be given to the camp/sponsoring organization at move in.  You will receive the camp cards along with a list of all of the card numbers.  Write each camper’s name beside the card number they are assigned.  Once this sheet is completed you will need to return it along with any unused cards to the Tech Express Office as soon as possible.  If unused cards are not returned in a timely manner, it will result in your camp being charged for additional camper meals.  The card number sheet is required to replace any lost camp ID for a $5.00 replacement fee.  If this is not received by the Tech Express Office and a camper loses their card, we will issue a new card and your camp will be charged an additional camper.  If you have any questions please contact the Tech Express office at 318.257.4553.


Louisiana Tech University Police is available 24 hours a day and 365 days a year.  You can reach University Police by calling 318.257.4018.  Please stay alert during your time on campus and report any suspicious activity or person to University Police.

Front Desk

Each traditional residence hall has a front desk area, which is staffed 8:30pm – 12:30am with a conference housing worker or building manager.  If you need us to staff the front desk at other times as well during thee day, please notify your Coordinator and we will be happy to do so.  The front desk staff can help assist with regards to directions around campus, assistance during an emergency situation, and with requests for maintenance needs.  If there is an emergency maintenance request, our front desk worker will  know the proper  protocol to contact someone after hours.  Please note that the response time may be longer after hours but we will do our best to address the issue in a timely manner.  Should a maintenance need be reported that is not an immediate danger it may be reported the next day during business hours.  Our staff may gain access to a room to complete the requested action even if someone is not in the room at the time.  Please contact your Coordinator with any questions or concerns in regards to emergency situations.


If you have youth or high school ages as participants in your camp, please note that the sponsoring organization is responsible for ensuring that they are supervised at all times.  Activities involving attendants under the age of 18 should always have an adult (at least 18 years of age) present.  If University personnel have issues with a camp attendee, the sponsoring organization’s contact will be notified and will be responsible for addressing the issue with either the attendee or the attendee’s supervisor.  Individuals supervising students should be responsible for addressing discipline issues, emergencies, and injuries.

Maintenance Needs

Should any of your accommodations need maintenance work while you are on campus with us, please do not hesitate to contact the Maintenance office at 318.257.4038 or the Residential Life office at 318.257.4917 to request a work order.  During the summer months, our office is open 7:30am-5pm Mondays-Thursdays and 7:30am-12:30pm on Fridays.  However, our maintenance and custodial staff work 7:30am-4:30pm Mondays-Fridays.  We will do our best to accomplish the work during these times.   However, if there is a need that occur during the time our office is closed, please reach out to your contact/Camp Coordinator.  He/she will be able to get in touch with a maintenance/custodial staff member on call and address the concern as soon as possible.

Need Assistance

During your stay on campus, all questions or concerns should be directed to your Camp Coordinator.  If a situation needs further intervention or assistance, the Director of Residential Life and Summer Camps may be notified  by either the sponsoring organization’s representative or the Camp Coordinator.  If assistance is needed or an emergency occurs outside of business hours, the Camp  Coordinator should be contacted first and if unavailable, the Director of Residential Life and Summer Camps second.  Contact information for these staff members shall be given to the sponsoring organization’s contact during the planning stage and prior to arrival.

Post Camp Details & Billing

Check out Process

Our staff can check your organization out by utilizing one of two methods:

  1. Individual groups within the sponsoring organization (ex. church, school, etc.) can collect the keys from their members and submit all of these to the building manager or conference housing worker at the front desk of the residence hall.  Please note that the keys need to be handed to a staff member and cannot simply be placed on the desk.
  2. Your camp representative can return all keys to your Camp Coordinator in the Residential Life Office once everyone is moved out of the apartments/residence hall.


The Camp Coordinator will be in discussion with the sponsoring organization’s representative in regards to staff check out.  Any all hours keys checked out for use by staff and any keys gaining access to staff residential facilities must be returned prior to a group leaving campus.  They may not be mailed back afterwards, as we will have already changed the locks and issued new keys for the room.  Each lost key will result in a $20 per key charge that will be added to the invoice.  Residential Life will provide  the camper’s name and/or church/school group that lost the key on the invoice so that they sponsoring organization may request reimbursement.  However, the sponsoring organization will be responsible for including these lost key fees and fees for any damage in their remittance of payment for the camp.

Billing & Invoices

Invoices will be sent via mail to the sponsoring organization within 10 business days of the check out, unless special circumstances apply.  Payment for all conference charges must come form the sponsoring organization and will not be accepted from individual participants or groups within the conference.  Sponsoring organizations within the University will be sent an invoice and should be paid through an Intercampus Requisition if possible.  Should you find a discrepancy in your bill, please contact your Camp Coordinator first to discuss the charge.  If he/she finds a need to adjust the billing, a correct  invoice will be sent.  If you cannot agree on a solution, you may contact the Director of Residential Life and Summer Camps to  look into the discrepancy and to make a decision with regards to any corrections that need to be made.