Registration Process

How do I register?

  1. Identification. Once you are admitted to the University, the Computing Center will generate a CWID (Campus Wide ID number) and BOSS (Bulldog Online Student System) PIN (unique identifier) number for ONL (Online) students that will be mailed from the Registrar’s Office.  This job will run nightly to pick up newly admitted students with Special Program code ONL.  This process will enable online registration through BOSS.
  2. Advising. Before you can register, you must complete your academic advising.  Advising for ONL students can be obtained by phone or email for distance students.  If you don’t know who your advisor is, check your BOSS account to see if an advisor has been assigned.  If not, contact the Department Head or Dean’s office of the program in which you are majoring and someone there will ensure that you are assigned an advisor.
  3. Holds. Click on “Student BOSS Login.”  Enter your Student ID (CWID) and BOSS PIN number.  Under the “Student Records” menu selection, click on “HOLDS.”  All registration holds and official transcript holds will display on this screen.  The offices you will need to contact to clear any holds before you can login to register online is also included.
  4. Registration Code. Ensure your academic advisor or a Department or Dean’s representative updates your registration process code.  Once registered, the Computing Center will generate a Tech email account and password and a Blackboard user name and password.  This will be mailed to students from Registrar’s Office.
  5. Register.  Click on “Student BOSS Login.”  Enter your Student ID (CWID) and BOSS PIN number. Go to the “Registration” menu and select the  “Drop and Add Classes” menu option and follow the screen instructions.
  6. Fee Payment. After you’ve loaded your schedule, check menu option “Account Summary/Payment” immediately and be sure to complete tuition/fee payment (or confirm registration).
  7. Email. Once registered, the Computing Center will generate a Tech email account and password. This information will be mailed to students from the Registrar’s Office.