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Social media conduct

Louisiana Tech University is a top tier doctoral research university, and we strive to keep our community informed about the latest news as we forge new directions in higher education.

We are committed to highlighting the achievements of our Tech Family on all our social media platforms. We invite our followers to post comments on the content we post on our social media platforms.

All viewpoints are welcome, and comments will not be removed based on the viewpoints expressed, provided the comments otherwise comply with these guidelines. However, we ask that our community maintain a civil and respectful level of discourse on our platforms. Louisiana Tech may review and remove comments based on the following criteria.

User-generated posts will be rejected or removed (if possible) when the content:

  • Is clearly off-subject.
  • Contains obscenity or material that appeals to the prurient interest.
  • Contains sensitive personal information.
  • Contains offensive terms that target protected classes.
  • Is threatening, harassing, or discriminatory.
  • Incites or promotes violence or illegal activities.
  • Contains information that reasonably could compromise individual or public safety.
  • Advertises or promotes a commercial product or service, or any entity or individual.
  • Promotes or endorses political campaigns or candidates.
  • Violates the intellectual property rights of any other party, such as copyright or trademark infringement.
  • Compromises the safety or security of Louisiana Tech community members, the public, or public systems.

Louisiana Tech also may remove “spam” or comments generated or that appear to have been generated by “social bots” (i.e., content posted by automated software, or “bots”).

Also, please keep in mind that our University’s social media accounts are internet pages owned and operated by companies that have their own policies and standards concerning what may, and may not, be posted and the actions that they may take regarding unauthorized posts. See the following standards and rules of the social media channels Louisiana Tech uses:

Louisiana Tech does not control or direct each social media company’s application of its own community standards.

Louisiana Tech is not responsible for, and neither endorses nor opposes, comments placed on these sites by its visitors. Commenters are personally responsible for their own comments, username, and any information placed on these pages by the commenter. Louisiana Tech also cannot guarantee that any commenter’s personal or private information or usage is fully secured or invulnerable to identity theft, computer viruses, or other malware that may cause harm to a computer system or network.