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Undergraduate Internship

The internship experience provides the undergraduate student with practical experiences in relating theory to practice in a setting under close supervision from professionals and the University. The primary value of this experience for the student lies in the opportunity for self-­‐evaluation and acceptance of abilities and shortcomings before entering into the professional world. It is an opportunity for the student to work and learn outside the classroom at an approved site selected by the student. Kinesiology students have a variety of interest and will be able to work with the internship supervisor to determine an appropriate internship site. Typical settings include clinical sites, commercial fitness, corporate wellness, private wellness programs, recreational, and athletics and sports programs. The internship will also provide support services to the site by providing students who can offer new ideas, energy, and potential employees. 180 clock hours is required on the job for completion of the undergraduate internship.

Course Objectives:

  1. To offer students the opportunity to develop professional mannerism, apply knowledge of Kinesiology principles, and to learn new information and skills outside of the classroom.
  2. To assess the student’s level of preparation to enter professional practice in the field.
  3. To display initiative and leadership abilities.
  4. To develop positive rapport with site supervisor.
  5. To make critical observations about the internship experience and environment.