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Undergraduate Programs in Psychology and Behavioral Sciences

The Department of Psychology and Behavioral Sciences has over 150 students who have decided that a B.A. in Psychology will provide them with the liberal arts preparation they desire. Many of these students will go on to pursue a graduate degree in some area of psychology (clinical, counseling, industrial, experimental, or some other area). Others will seek an advanced graduate or professional degree in another field (law, medicine, dentistry, optometry, social work, business, or other fields). And there are those who will decide not continue their education beyond the bachelor's level. Not to worry, there are many jobs out there for graduates who have a B.A. degree in psychology, a strong liberal arts background, and marketable skills.

All undergraduate programs require admission to, and are subject to the requirements and limitations on admissions set by Louisiana Tech University. For more information on undergraduate admission to Louisiana Tech University please see the University admissions office.

Bachelor of Arts