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Tuition and Fees

Application Fee

A processing fee of $40 must accompany the graduate application for admission. The application cannot be processed if the fee has not been paid. There are no exceptions or waivers.

Tuition and Expenses

All payments for tuition and general fees, room rent, and meal plans, etc., are due and must be paid at the time set aside in the University calendar for fee payment. Registration fees are defined as including all tuition, university fees, and self assessments.

For an estimate of quarterly tuition and enrollment fees, applicants should contact the Cashier's office at 318/257-4325 or review the website of the Comptroller. Students attending classes on the Tech Barksdale Instructional Site have additional tuition expenses and should contact the Cashier's office for complete information.

Parking Permits

Parking decals are required for everyone on campus whether a student, employee, or campus visitor. Permits can be purchased from the Traffic Office located in South Hall. Please contact the Traffic Office at 318/257-2921 for the current cost of  the annual parking decal or for temporary parking decals.  Below is the Vehicle Registration form that will need to be filled out to apply for a permit:

Vehicle Registration Form

Parking passes for the Tech Barksdale Instructional Site are available only during Barksdale registration each quarter.

Cost of Attendance

The total cost of attending Louisiana Tech will vary for each student.  Most graduate students will enroll full-time (six credit hours). Tuition/fee expenses can be found on the website of the Comptroller.  Depending on whether the graduate student lives on-campus or off-campus will determine the living expenses.  Residential on-campus living expense information can be found on the Housing website. Other miscellaneous expenditures such as textbooks, insurance, class or lab supplies, college fees, etc., are only estimates and will vary by degree program.

Students may purchase course materials and merchandise at the University Bookstore located at the center of campus. The Tech Express Account can be used to make purchases of books, supplies, and personal items at the Bookstore, and to pay for meals at any Food Service location. 

International applicants can find an estimate of yearly expenditures stated on the Affidavit of Support form.  This yearly amount can change without notice.  Students must furnish evidence of financial support for the entire period of studying in the United States.  I-20 immigration documentation cannot be issued unless financial support documentation is complete.

Insurance - International Students

Due to the high cost of medical care in the U.S., all international students must purchase insurance from the university or show proof of comparable insurance upon arrival at the university.

Financial Aid

Applicants from the United States should contact Financial Aid regarding eligibility requirements and deadlines for applying for financial assistance. Financial Aid offers a cost estimator for calculating tuition and fees. Students may apply for student loans to assist with educational expenses and should contact Financial Aid for specific eligibility requirements , forms required, and deadlines.  Some disciplines offer graduate assistantships. Funding is limited, and assistantships are awarded on a competitive basis. Those applicants interested in applying for a graduate assistantship should complete a Graduate Assistantship application. Students admitted to non-degree programs are not eligible for financial aid or graduate assistantships.

As a state-assisted university, Louisiana Tech has no funds available for scholarships or other financial assistance for students from other countries. Fees, tuition, books, health insurance, and living expenses are the responsibility of the applicant and international students must furnish evidence of financial support for the entire period of studying in the United States. To furnish evidence of financial support, an Affidavit of Support form must be completed and a current financial statement (not more than 2 months old) signed/stamped by an official of the U.S. Embassy in the applicant's home country or a bank official must be submitted with the graduate application. The I-134 form is not sufficient alone.

Out-of-State Fees

Students that are not residents of Louisiana are required to pay out-of-state fees.  The Office of the Comptroller calculates all tuition and fees that are owed by students admitted to Louisiana Tech.  Questions regarding individual charges should be addressed to the Cashier’s office located on the bottom floor of Keeny Hall or by calling 318-257-4325. 

Students that are not residents of Louisiana may file a written appeal for in-state residency status for tuition purposes by using the State of Louisiana Residency Regulations found in the university catalog   (University Catalog).  All supporting documentation should be attached to match the specific regulation(s) that an applicant wants applied to the appeal situation.  Only the specific regulations cited will be considered in determining the decision on whether to grant in-state residency status.

Residency Appeal Form