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The Graduate School offers Graduate Certificate programs in several academic colleges.  Students wishing to enroll in this non-degree category must complete a Graduate School application, pay the application fee, provide an official copy of a baccalaureate degree-posted transcript, meet course prerequisites, and understand that they are not admitted to a graduate degree program.  Students must maintain the minimum grade standards set for Conditional admission to the Graduate School.  Each academic college has the prerogative to set higher standards for its respective graduate students.

A Graduate Certificate program is a set of pre-determined subject-matter-specific graduate courses pursued to enhance an individual's mastery of a subject area without completing a master's program. As such, certificate programs are not shortened versions of existing master's programs.  Successful completion of a Graduate  Certificate program results in the receipt of a certificate that specifies graduate certification in a specific area and is accompanied by the appropriate posting on the official Louisiana Tech University Certificate transcript.

General Requirements
Graduate Certificate programs consist of a minimum of 12 to 18 graduate semester hours. No more than one-third of the 12 to 18 semester hours can be taken at the 400-level (eligible for graduate credit). Courses taken for credit toward a Graduate Degree program at Louisiana Tech University will not be counted toward the certificate without appeal to the applicable Graduate Certificate program prior to completion of the Graduate Degree program. All course work must be registered for and completed through Louisiana Tech University within a three-year (twelve-quarter) time limit.

Graduate students enrolled in Graduate Degree programs (master's or doctoral) at Louisiana Tech University can be concurrently enrolled in a Graduate Certificate program. Undergraduate seniors are not eligible for concurrent enrollment in a Graduate Certificate program. International students must be admitted to a Graduate Degree program in order for an I-20 to be issued and are not eligible to be admitted only to a Graduate Certificate program, but may pursue a Graduate Certificate in addition to a Graduate Degree program.

The Graduate Certificate is a non-degree track program. It should be noted that success in or successful completion of a Graduate Certificate program does not guarantee admission into a Graduate Degree program. Federal Title IV student financial assistance and tuition waivers will not be available for students classified as graduate certificate students.

Complete an application for admission to the Graduate School and select a Certificate program from the menu.  The same deadlines for Graduate School admission procedures should be followed..
Applicants must

Admission into a Graduate Certificate program does not guarantee admission into a Graduate Degree program, nor does admission into a Graduate Certificate program imply the waiver of any requirements for admission into a Graduate Degree program.

The decision for admission into a Graduate Certificate program will follow the procedures of review used for admission into existing Graduate Degree programs. Discipline-specific admission requirements will be monitored by the program coordinator in conjunction with the student's assigned faculty advisor.

Student Enrollment Procedures
Students admitted to a Graduate Certificate program will follow standard procedures for advising, registration, tuition/fee payment deadlines, grade reporting, and academic standards. Each student admitted into a Graduate Certificate program will be assigned a faculty advisor.

Graduate students participating in a distance learning Certificate program will follow published registration guidelines.

Grade Requirements
Graduate Certificate program students will meet the following quarterly and cumulative grade requirements at Louisiana Tech University:

Full-time status for a Graduate Certificate program student will consist of a minimum of 6 graduate semester hours. Graduate Certificate program students should remain continuously enrolled until completion of their program. If they are unable to do so, they must re-apply for admission upon return to the program.

Louisiana Tech University offers numerous Graduate Certificate programs and some of them are listed below:

Dynamics of Domestic Violence
The Domestic and Family Violence Graduate Certificate program is an interdisciplinary curriculum designed to equip professionals with the important knowledge and skills to work with individuals and families who experience interpersonal violence. The ideal program participant is an individual who currently interacts with persons who may be experiencing interpersonal violence, i.e. counselors, family therapists, teachers, law enforcers, first responders, family and child advocates, etc., or persons pursuing careers or graduate degrees in related fields. Contact Dr. Ida Chauvin at 318/257-4097 to discuss the course work leading to the DDV graduate certificate or click here.

Enrollment Requirements
Baccalaureate degree and employed and/or pursuing employment or voluntary work with victims of domestic violence.

Information Assurance
The Information Assurance (IA) curriculum is certified by the Committee on National Security Systems (CNSS) using Information Systems Security (INFOSEC) Professionals, NSTISSI No. 4011 guidelines. These IA courses will develop your skills for positions in systems and network security. Students learn to detect, report, and resolve cyber threats. Course content also covers the use of code encryption to securely pass information between systems, building and using secure audio and video communications equipment, developing tamper protection products, and providing trusted information solutions. Students master the skills of assessing, auditing evaluation, testing network and systems security, and conducting forensic investigations. Students also learn how to perform information systems risk analysis and plan for disaster recovery and business continuity.  For additional information and a list of required courses, click here.

Technical Writing & Communication
Offered by the Department of English, the Graduate Certificate in Technical Writing & Communication can be completed entirely online. This certificate documents the advanced oral and written communication skills that so many employers desire today, and our web-based presentation means you can participate from almost anywhere.

Training in technical writing and communication will help you write better, whether the format is a memo, business letter, technical report, or proposal. You will be able to create clear and logically organized training materials. In addition, this level of training in technical writing and communication will help you evaluate all your documents for clarity and usability.  For more information and a listing of required courses, click here.

Education Graduate Certificates 

Certificates are offered for various elementary/secondary grade levels in the areas of Teacher Leader Education, Special Education, Adult Education, Early Childhood Education, Reading Specialist, Computer Literacy Education, Technology Facilitator, School Librarian, English as a Second Language, and Dynamics of Domestic & Family Violence. For more information and a listing of required courses, click here.   Check regularly for program continuation as state mandates and program changes may discontinue some certificate programs.