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Graduate - Dual Degrees

Students may pursue a maximum of two degrees simultaneously and must consult with the college(s) to determine Primary and Secondary program status.  Appropriate admission procedures must be followed and separate applications submitted for each degree program. Additional application processing fees are required. Degree audits are required for each program being pursued, and students must meet all program requirements for each degree. Each degree program must be supervised by an appropriate Advisory Committee with all paperwork, including Plan of Study, completed and submitted for each program. The Primary program must be completed first. All published guidelines, policies, and procedures are applicable to these programs.

If two master's degrees are sought simultaneously, the requirements for "A Second Master's Degree" apply to the secondary program requiring students to earn a minimum of 15 additional graduate hours at Louisiana Tech and must satisfy the requirements for a minimum number of exclusive graduate courses, in addition to the thesis or practicum if required, to be taken in the area in which the second degree is being earned. A maximum of one-half the credits required for the second degree may be allowed to apply from a previous graduate degree. Transfer hours will not be approved to apply towards a second master's degree. International students wishing to pursue a second master's degree or advance to a doctoral program need to obtain a new I-20 to comply with immigration regulations.