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Graduate Life-Long Learning Programs

Life-Long Learning programs are designed for students that have no interest in pursuing a graduate degree but want to expand their professional knowledge or increase certification areas.   Students admitted to the non-degree category of Life-Long Learning are admitted on a conditional basis and will adhere to grading policies for students admitted conditionally.   There is no limit to the number of courses that students may take in this category as long as the minimum grade standards set for conditional admission are maintained.  

Students may apply for a graduate degree program at any time by completing another Graduate School application and by meeting the admission requirements for that specific program. Upon admission to a graduate degree program, students may file a written request with the college that up to a maximum of 12 total semester hours of graduate credit earned under Life-Long Learning be applied to their graduate degree program Plan of Study by special permission of the college and Program Chair assigned to the student's degree program. These courses will be specifically identified on the Plan of Study.

Graduate Non-Degree Admission Categories

Graduate Certificate Program

A set of pre-determined subject-matter-specific graduate courses pursued to enhance an individual's mastery of a subject area without enrolling in or completing a master's program. As such, certificate programs are not shortened versions of existing master's programs. Successful completion of a Graduate Certificate program results in the receipt of a certificate that specifies graduate certification in a specific area and is accompanied by the appropriate posting on the official Louisiana Tech University Certificate transcript. Students must understand that they are not admitted to a graduate degree program.

Inter-Institutional Cooperative Program (ICP)

Students may enroll in graduate courses through the ICP program between Louisiana Tech and Grambling State University. Students must apply for transient status and follow the appropriate admission procedures. Transient admission is good for one quarter only. Courses taken through the ICP program must be included on a student's approved Plan of Study in order to count towards degree requirements, and all course prerequisites must be met. Students not in good standing at one university are not eligible to enroll in graduate courses at the other university. 

Concurrent Baccalaureate/Master's Program

Graduating seniors currently enrolled in a regionally accredited institution (referred to as home institution from this point forward) who have a minimum cumulative undergraduate GPA of 3.20 on all undergraduate work attempted may be allowed to register for a combined load of undergraduate courses and courses for graduate credit (500 level) if they meet the following University of Louisiana System criteria. Students not meeting undergraduate preparatory requirements will not be eligible for this program. Student must obtain written approval of the appropriate Louisiana Tech University college’s graduate director/coordinator, academic dean, Dean of the Graduate School, and International Student Office, if applicable.

Students must adhere to the following requirements:

    1. Provide a minimum of 2 letters of reference from faculty members in the department where the student is currently pursuing the undergraduate degree along with a graduate concurrent application and processing fee.
    2. Not lack more than 30 semester hours to complete baccalaureate degree requirements.
    3. Not earn more than 12 graduate credit hours while completing baccalaureate requirements. Seniors may be allowed to take 6 graduate credit hours upon written approval of their Associate Dean/Graduate Director, and Dean of the Graduate School.
    4. Courses taken for graduate credit cannot be used to satisfy undergraduate requirements.
    5. The student retains undergraduate status at the home institution until he/she is awarded the baccalaureate degree.
    6. While in the concurrent program, the student shall maintain a minimum cumulative graduate GPA of 3.0 and remain in good academic standing at the home institution.
    7. Submit official transcripts from home institution at time of application and upon completion of degree.

At the time of matriculation from the baccalaureate program and upon application to the graduate program, students seeking admission to a Master’s program other than the program in which they were granted concurrent enrollment must meet the same admission requirements as other applicants to the program to which they are seeking admission. GRE and GMAT scores may be waived for students admitted to the Baccalaureate and Master’s Concurrent Enrollment Program upon approval from the academic program provided they successfully complete a minimum of 3 graduate semester hours towards the applicable program.  Each application is considered on a case by case basis.

Students failing to maintain a minimum quarterly and cumulative 3.0 graduate GPA will be dropped from the concurrent program and will need to appeal for reinstatement prior to any further graduate admission or enrollment. All Graduate School admission criteria, including appropriate test scores, will be required of any students failing to maintain appropriate graduate GPA while in the Concurrent Program.