Registration Information

Please read through these guidelines carefully before beginning the registration process. Doing so will give you a better understanding of the registration process, and may prevent you from accidentally skipping a key part of the registration process. If you have additional questions about registration then you may contact the LA GEAR UP office at 318-257-2866.

  • Only eight students, one parent, and two teachers/club sponsors from eligible schools may attend the conference. Please consult the participating school list to determine if you are eligible. Students and parents from non-LA GEAR UP schools may not attend.
  • The Conference dates are from 14 - 16 March 2013. Please be sure that your calendar is clear and that you can attend prior to registration.
  • The registration deadline is 11 January 2013. There is neither "late registration" nor "at-the-door registration," and no one will be registered after this date.
  • Registration forms should be returned to your teachers for inclusion in a "registration packet" that will be returned to the LA GEAR UP office. We will not accept individually submitted registration forms.
  • If you are riding the bus, you MUST SUBMIT A PARENT SIGNED COPY of your registration form indicating that you will be riding the bus.
  • Parents attending will be required to attend the P3 Conference that is held in conjunction with the Explorers' Club Conference.

Registration forms can be found on the "Registration" page.