Policy 1105 – University of Louisiana Board of Supervisors – The University of Louisiana System

Revision Date: 1/5/2017

Responsible Office: Office of the President

Reference: Board of Supervisors of University of Louisiana System; Louisiana Constitution; Office of the Governor, State of Louisiana

The content of this policy will be moved to another location on Tech’s website at the completion of the campus-wide policy review project led by the Policy Advisory Committee.


Louisiana Tech University is part of The University of Louisiana System which is governed by the University of Louisiana Board of Supervisors.

Designated by the 1974 Constitution as one of the state’s three higher education management boards, the Board of Supervisors and its System office are involved in the daily management matters and activities of the eight Universities and two Colleges which constitute the System. The Board of Supervisors has direct responsibility for the quality and control of the various program offerings and overall operation of the institutions in the System, including personnel decisions. The Board sets operational policy with respect to academic offerings, research, public service, general administration, financial planning, budgeting and control, physical plant construction and operations, student affairs and services, and various auxiliary and ancillary operations. The institutions under the management of the Board of Supervisors provide higher education services to more than 100,000 students annually.

All Universities and Colleges, whether their names are changed to the University of Louisiana designation, must use the wording “A Member of the University of Louisiana System” prominently on all stationery; business cards; title pages of University catalogs; magazines; view books; all display advertisements in newspapers, magazines and journals; contracts; and diplomas.

For the list of the current Board of Supervisors members, click here.