Policy 1429 – Benefits for Retirees

Revision Date:  02/09/2023

Last Review: 02/09/2023

Responsible Office: Office of Human Resources


Louisiana Tech retirees, through a specific ID issued to retirees, can:

  1. check out books from Prescott Library;
  2. purchase 2 season tickets to athletic events at 20% discount;
  3. receive a 10% discount at the University Bookstore;
  4. join the Tech Intramural Center at a faculty/staff rate.

In addition to receiving the above benefits, those faculty who are conferred the title of Faculty Emeritus will have access to the Internet through the University. (Policy 1449 – Emeritus Policy)

Retired faculty and staff who have served not less than 25 years in the University of Louisiana System shall maintain eligibility for the tuition and fee policy. Spouses and Dependents of retired faculty and staff shall be eligible for the tuition and fee policy. A “qualifying child” within the Internal Revenue Tax Code (under the age of 24 and your dependent) during the calendar year in which the tuition reduction is issued. At such time as the dependent is no longer eligible according to IRS Code, the dependent ceases to be eligible for this reduction. A qualifying child of divorced or separated parents is treated as the dependent of both parents.


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