Policy 1448 – Volunteer Policy

Last Review: 02/09/2023

Original Effective Date:  03/01/2010

Responsible Office: Office of Human Resources


This policy addresses various issues regarding the engagement of volunteers for services to Louisiana Tech University, defines the voluntary relationship, its privileges and responsibilities, and protects the interests of the University, its volunteers, and the community it serves.


Volunteers: those uncompensated individuals who perform subsidiary services which are directly related to the business of Louisiana Tech, support or assist with the activities of Louisiana Tech, or are used to gain experience in specific endeavors. Volunteers affected by this policy provide services on a regular basis in ongoing and formal activities, are not considered employees for any purpose, must not represent themselves as employees, are not covered by the Fair Labor Standards Act, and are not eligible for any university benefits, including Workers’ Compensation, as a result of this voluntary arrangement. Volunteers may be subject to a background check.


In order to be authorized for many campus privileges, a CWID card is required. Some privileges associated with a CWID are network, internet access, access to Email, and Canvas.

Voluntary service, while uncompensated, establishes the volunteer as an important community resource and a representative of Louisiana Tech. Volunteers are expected to abide by University policies and procedures, including but not limited to those of ethical behavior, safety, confidentiality, computer use, and financial responsibility. The volunteers’ responsibilities in providing services on a regular basis in ongoing and formal activities shall be defined and approved by the appropriate administrator(s).

Payment, promise of payment, or special consideration for voluntary services are not allowed. However, the department will reimburse for pre-approved actual and reasonable expenses arising from the performance of assigned tasks following the standard University reimbursement procedures.

Prohibited Activities (including but not limited to):

  • Operating heavy equipment
  • Operating vehicles (including golf carts) except with the express permission of a University official
  • Working with or exposure to hazardous materials or stored energy
  • Being a human research participant or a laboratory volunteer
  • Participating in any activity considered inappropriate for an employee
  • Entering into any contract on behalf of the University.

It is the department’s responsibility to be certain that the volunteer has adequate experience, qualifications, and training for the tasks he or she will be performing.

  1. Louisiana Tech volunteers will be required to sign and date a
    1. Volunteer identification form and a
    2. Volunteer Agreement and Release document.
  2. These documents are to be signed by the department’s or unit’s head and taken to the Office of Human Resources by the Volunteer to sign up.
  3. When selecting and engaging a volunteer to provide services on a regular basis in ongoing and formal activities, the department or unit is responsible for ensuring that the volunteer
    1. has adequate experience, qualifications, and training for the task he or she will be asked to perform.
    2. signs up with the Office of Human Resources.
    3. receives a written description of the duties and responsibilities of the position. A copy of the duties and responsibilities is to be submitted to the Office of Human Resources upon initiation of the volunteer appointment.
    4. is provided appropriate orientation for Volunteers prior to commencing services, such as privacy policies and procedures, and safety, and sexual harassment training.

A University Volunteer’s term of service may be terminated at any time and without prior notice.