Policy 2107 – Faculty Calendar Responsibilities

Revision Date: 5/18/2017
Last Review: 9/28/2021
Original Effective Date: 5/1996
Responsible Office: Provost
Reference: Council of Academic Deans


Faculty calendar responsibilities in the Fall Quarter begin with the University Fall Faculty Meeting and College/ Departmental meetings and end with Commencement. Faculty responsibilities in the Winter Quarter begin with registration and end with Commencement. Faculty responsibilities in the Spring Quarter begin with registration and conclude with Commencement and submission of student grades for the quarter.

Although faculty are not required to keep scheduled office hours after the day grades are due to the Registrar, they must continue to be available for consultation with students and for College/Departmental meetings until the day of Commencement. Any faculty member who will not be available must secure prior approval from the Unit Head.

Participation in commencement ceremonies is considered part of a faculty member’s contractual responsibilities.  The procedures for participation in commencement ceremonies are developed for each occasion by the Commencement Committee and administered by the Academic College Deans according to the guidelines listed in Policy 2219 – Commencement.