Policy 2108 – Faculty Evaluations

Revision Date: 5/20/2003

Responsible Office: Provost

Reference: Board of Supervisors; Council of Academic Deans

The evaluation cycle for faculty at Louisiana Tech University begins April 1 of each year and concludes with the following March 31. By April 15, the performance of each faculty member for the past year must have been evaluated and goals set for the upcoming evaluation cycle. Annual evaluation should be done in the following three areas:

  1. Self-Evaluation. At the beginning of each evaluation cycle, each faculty member shall state goals for that year in the appropriate performance categories. The self-evaluation process should emphasize establishment of goals and objectives that are compatible with the individual’s expertise and the academic unit’s needs. These objectives must be approved by the Department or area head. For a faculty member, these goals should address in particular the three areas of instruction, research, and service. In the spring, each faculty member shall evaluate his/her progress in achieving the goals that had been established for that academic year for discussion in the annual meeting with the Department or area head.
  2. Student Evaluation of Faculty Teaching Effectiveness. Written evaluation of faculty teaching effectiveness is to be carried out in the Fall, Winter, and Spring Quarters of each academic year in each class, with the tabulated results of those evaluations made available to the faculty member and his/her Department or area head before the annual evaluation meeting. The University online student evaluation system is to be used across campus; evaluation procedures must ensure that the anonymity of the student is preserved. (See Policy 2221, Student Evaluation of Faculty.)
  3. Administrative Evaluation of Faculty. Annually and not later than April 15, each Department or area head must discuss in a formal manner with each faculty member the status and performance of that faculty member relative to the “Criteria for Evaluation of Faculty.” The annual evaluation of faculty must include substantive statements on the progress of that faculty member toward tenure and/or promotion. The self-evaluation and student evaluations should be included in this discussion; other evaluation techniques such as classroom visits or peer evaluation may also be used as additional bases for discussion.

The total evaluation of the faculty member must be summarized in writing, signed by the Department/area head and faculty member, and placed in the appropriate personnel files. A copy will be given to the faculty member and to the College Dean.

The signing of the form confirms that the evaluation has been completed and that the faculty member has been informed of the rating. The faculty member may submit a rebuttal of the evaluation to the unit head. Copies of the rebuttal will be placed in the faculty personnel file with a copy to the dean.

The department /area head will assign one of the following summative evaluation ratings to each faculty evaluation:

  • Meets expectations (for rank and assignment)
  • Needs improvement (for rank and assignment)
  • Unsatisfactory performance (for rank and assignment)

A tenured faculty member whose performance is rated “needs improvement” or “unsatisfactory performance” is required to meet with his unit head to develop and implement a written plan to improve his/her faculty performance. The plan will be developed by the end of the current academic year. The unit head must discuss, during the annual evaluation, the content of the University of Louisiana System PPM FS-III.X.D-1: Review of Faculty Rank (Policy 2118) with any tenured faculty member whose performance is rated “unsatisfactory performance.” A rating of “needs improvement” cannot be assigned to any faculty member for more than two consecutive years.