Check Out Information

Check Out Procedures

A student may check out of his/her residence hall or apartment (**must be approved to do so through the lease release process**) at any time throughout the academic year.  The resident assistant within your building or apartment complex can assist you in the check out process!  There are two ways that a student may opt to check out.  First, a student can choose to check out by contacting a resident assistant to make an appointment.  The resident assistant will accompany the resident to the room and will physically check the room/apartment for damages by comparing the condition on arrival to the condition on departure per the room condition card, which was completed by the student during move-in.  After a visual check of the room for cleanliness and damages, the staff member will complete a check out form and give a copy to the student for his/her records. The second option is for the student to complete an express check out at his/her convenience but prior to leaving campus.  An Express Check-out form can be picked up from the Residential Life office or from a resident assistant.  Once the student has moved all belongings out of the room and cleaned, he/she completes the express check-out form, seals the key in the attached envelop and drops the key envelop/check-out into a locked blue box located at the front desk of the residence hall or in the laundry rooms at the apartments.  In this case, rooms/apartments are checked for damages and cleanliness after the student leaves campus.  Students are assessed any damage or cleaning fees after move out and the charges will be placed on the student’s account or a bill mailed to the student. Any student checking out at the end of a quarter must do so before the halls close, which is typically noon following the last day of classes.  If a student fails to do so on time, he/she will incur late check out charges.  If a student leaves without checking out, he/she will incur improper check out charges as well as a charge for not turning in the key/fob. **Checking out of a campus location does NOT constitute a release from the lease.  Students must receive an approval to be released from their lease before charges are removed from the student’s account.  A student may check out at any time but, if the student has not been approved to get out of his/her lease, the charges will be assessed to the student’s account.

Campus Lease Release 

If you need to cancel your housing assignment, you must notify Residential Life in writing (letter, fax, or email). Our email address is 9-month lease agreements must be canceled in writing to before July 15, 2022 for the Academic Year 2022-2023.  12-month lease agreements must be canceled before May 21, 2022 for the 12-month 2022-2023 lease. Canceling your lease does not grant off campus approval.  Please contact the Student Affairs office for information on off campus exemption.

After the dates mentioned above, any student wishing to cancel or adjust a 9 or 12 month lease must submit a Request for Release form on the StarRez housing portal.  The date for which that request must be submitted is listed below.  Once the committee has met on a request, the student will receive an email of the decision.  If a new tenant to the apartments for the 2022-2023 academic year signs the 12-month lease and decides to change it to a 9-month lease at any point, he/she will be charged $250 as a lease alteration fee and you may be required to change your assignment to a different location. The application and booking fee are not refundable at any time.

This form must be submitted for review 2 weeks before you wish to be released.  To submit the request, you must do so through your StarRez Residential Life portal (where you applied for and booked your room; link can be found on our homepage by clicking “apply now”).  The committee typically meets on Mondays to review applications.  However, schedules can change and meetings rescheduled.

End of Year/Spring Quarter Check Outs

Information regarding end of year check outs will be emailed out to residents during the latter part of Spring quarter.  Resident Assistants in the halls and apartments will have duty hours posted in which someone is available to assist a resident with a check out the last week of classes.  Duty hours will be emailed to residents as well as posted in the halls or on the RA’s doors.  ALL non-graduating students have until noon on the day following the last day of class to complete check out procedures.  If you are graduating, you will have until noon the day after graduation. Any student requiring special accommodations must be approved by a Coordinator and will be charged appropriate to the request.  The only students that may be approved to stay later are those students who are enrolled in Summer courses. Any questions regarding the end of year check out process should be directed to your resident assistant or the Residential Life office.