Move In Information

Fall 2020 Move-In Schedule

Please check back for Fall 2020 move in dates and details!


Dog Haul Move In 2019 Video

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Early Move In Requests

Early move in requires completion of the early move in request form and approval.  Students may begin applying for an early move in on July 1st and can do until August 15th.  Replies regarding approval or denial will not be emailed until after August 1st. Communication regarding the approval or denial will be sent by email.  

Requests for early move in are rarely approved.  Students must show evidence of extraordinary circumstance and need for early move in.   Early arrival is not permitted earlier than 7  days before the start of the quarter.  August 26th is the absolute earliest any new residential student can move into their room if they have been approved.  It is not an option to move into the rooms prior to this time as the University needs all available time to prepare the buildings and rooms for the fall quarter.

Students will be billed $30 for each day stayed prior to the official move in date of September 2, 2019.  The total amount will be billed to the student’s account during the first week of classes.  Students who wish to be considered for early arrivals after the deadline date of August 15th will be subject to a late feee of $50 in addition to the $30 per night rate that will be assessed to the student account if the request is accepted and approved.  Residents who arrive without approval may be turned away; those that can be accommodated will be charged a $100 fee in addition to the nightly rate assessed to the student account.  Any first year student asking for an early arrival on the weekend of August 30th – September 1st will be denied, as our first year students already have the option to move in early by participating in the first year community retreat, P.R.I.N.T.S.

Requests are not guaranteed to be approved.  Many factors go into whether or not a request can be approved; cleaning, construction, furniture replacement, readiness of the space, etc.

Students that are part of an already approved group (Residence Life Staff, Athletics, Panhellenic, Band, etc.) do NOT have to request to come back early, as we get those lists from the group.

Early Arrival Request Form

What to Bring

Wondering what to bring to your new home? Here’s a quick list to help you get started! Also, it may help to talk to your roommate before you move in. This way you and your roommate can decide who is bringing what.

For your bedroom:

  • Twin Size Sheets/ Comforter (residence halls, suites, Legacy Park, University Park and Park place residents in double occupancy bedrooms)
  • Full Size Sheets/ Comforter (University Park and Park Place residents in single occupancy bedrooms)
  • Pillows & Pillowcases
  • Mattress Pad/Topper
  • Alarm Clock
  • Blankets
  • Home Decor Items

For food:

  • Refrigerator (up to 4.3 cubic feet or smaller)
  • Microwave (700 watt and under)
  • Plates, Bowls, Utensils
  • Cups
  • Can Opener
  • Water and Drinks
  • Food Containers and Ziploc Bags

For school:

  • Backpack
  • Notebooks/Binders with Paper
  • Index Cards
  • Pens, Pencils and Highlighters
  • Stapler and Staples
  • Tape
  • Paper Clips
  • Sticky Notes
  • Scissors
  • Study Lamp
  • Printer Paper
  • Flash drive

For fun:

  • Computer/Printer
  • TV and Coaxial Cable
  • DVD Player/Gaming System
  • Ethernet Cable/ Wireless Router
  • Headphones
  • Extension Cords
  • Flashlight and Batteries

For you:

  • Personal Hygiene Items
  • Medicine
  • Wash Cloths and Towels
  • Shower caddy/Shower Shoes
  • Robe
  • Laundry Basket
  • Washing Detergent
  • Cleaning Items
  • Iron
  • Trashcan
  • Broom and Dust Pan



  • Coffee Pots (Keurig is allowed)
  • Candles/Incense
  • Pets (except fish)
  • Weapons/Guns/Fire Arms
  • Illegal Drugs/ Tobacco Products
  • Alcohol or Alcohol Paraphernalia
  • Ironing Boards (provided in halls)
  • Open Heating Elements (space heaters, hot plates, George Foreman grills)