Processing Services

The Institute has  more than 20,000 square feet of cleanroom and laboratory  resources dedicated to the realization of a broad range of micro/nano scale systems. The Institute provides services to external customers on many aspects of processing needs, which are tailored to maximally meet the customers specifications. A partial listing of available services follows, and a complete listing is available upon request.

Lithographic Processes and Masks

Processes are available for photolithography, e-beam nanolithography, and X-ray lithography. Masks for photolithography and X-ray lithography are provided to meet customer applications.

Material Deposition Processes

A wide range of processes are available for deposition of various thin film materials.  These include  e-beam evaporation, sputtering, chemical vapor deposition, thermal evaporation, and electro/electroless plating.

Nano Assembly  Processes

Processes for the realization of nanoscale thin film materials are available including layer by layer assembly processes, for which the Institute has pioneered many aspects of it’s development and application.

Material Etching Processes

Dry and wet etching processes including deep & conventional reactive ion etching are available to meet customer needs.