Technical Training Services Tailored to Your Needs

Technical Training Services Offered

A series of short courses are available for delivery at on-site and off-site locations. The short courses are tailored to maximally meet the customer training needs. A partial listing of available short courses follows, and a complete listing may be obtained by request.
Nanotechnology Principles and Applications
Overview of the field of nanotechnology, emphasizing the basic principles, materials, fabrication, measurement, and applications of nanotechnology. The topics covered include, 1) nanoscale phenomena, materials, and systems, 2)  top-down and bottom-up nanofabrication methods, 3) nanoscale structures, devices, and systems, 4) nanoscale measurement techniques, and 5) nanotechnology applications. Study of molecular biotechnology, emphasizing the basic principles, the tools and techniques employed, and the widespread applications of this technology. The topics covered include an introduction to molecular biology, DNA science and technology, genetics of bacteria and viruses, protein engineering, biocatalysts and enzyme technology, biomembranes and thin biological films, microorganism engineering, cell and tissue engineering, biotechnology tools and techniques, bioinformatics, and bionanotechnology applications.
Microsystems Principles and Applications
Overview of the field of microsystems. Topics include, 1) the major classes, components, and applications of microsystems, 2) microsystems materials, physical mechanisms and properties, microfabrication techniques, measurements and characterization, microsystem integration and packaging, CAD design, reliability, 3) examples of microsystems and their applications, including biomedical and biological microsystems (e.g. BioMEMS), chemical and environmental microsystems (e.g. EnviroMEMS), electromechanical microsystems, and optical microsystems.