Summer 2020

Frequently Asked Questions

What classes are available this summer?

Many classes will be available for the Summer quarter. The full Summer schedule of classes can be found online.

How do I know which classes to take?

You should consult with your academic advisor to determine which classes will be right for you. If you know your advisor, you should contact him or her. If you do not, you can reach out to these individuals based upon the College of your chosen major:

Will there be financial aid for students during the summer schedule?

Undergraduate students taking 8 or more credit hours will receive a scholarship of $200, and students taking 1-7 credit hours will receive a scholarship of $100.

Graduate students taking 7 or more credit hours will receive a scholarship of $200, and students taking 1-6 credit hours will receive a scholarship of $100.

Will there be an application fee for summer?

The application fee for summer will be waived. To apply, visit

If classes are online for the summer, will there be additional fees for online classes?

The $25 per credit hour online fee will be waived for Summer 2020.

Will all summer classes be online?

All summer classes for the full term (June 2 – Aug. 13) and the first half term (June 2 – July 8) will begin online. Adjustments may be made to allow on-campus classes for the second summer term, but this will depend upon COVID proximity restrictions. 

Will my summer classes require me to log into class at a certain time?

This will depend upon your class and instructor. Look at the course details in BOSS when you register for information related to class times. If you are unsure if a class will require you to log in at set times, email the professor and ask for clarification prior to registering. Their email addresses are listed on the course details

How can I pay for summer classes?

There are various funding sources that can assist with paying for summer school. 

Financial Aid is available during the Summer.  If you have already been packaged with financial aid for the year, you can complete a Request for Summer Aid Form.  You will receive an email notice with the aid you are offered when your request has been processed. 

Students that have been awarded the TOPS Scholarship and/or a University Scholarship may also be eligible to request to use one of their eligible terms in the summer, by completing the TOPS Summer Payment Request Form and the University Summer Scholarship Payment Request

Additionally, all part-time enrolled students will receive a $100 scholarship toward the cost of summer attendance, and all full-time enrolled students will receive a $200 scholarship toward the cost of summer attendance.

To help alleviate the cost associated with attendance, the University is waiving the $25 per credit hour online learning fee.

Are there additional credentials I can earn or begin this summer?

Yes. Louisiana Tech offers graduate-level certificates in the following areas:

  • Dynamics of Domestic and Family Violence
  • Business Administration
  • Business Foundations
  • Six Sigma Black Belt Certificate
  • Six Sigma Green Belt Certificate
  • Technical Writing and Communication

While these certificates cannot be completed within the course of a single summer, they can be started in a summer quarter and completed online.

Have the criteria for admission changed?

The Office of Admissions, which manages undergraduate admissions, has made changes in its admissions processes for summer. Please contact for more information. 

Each College has made changes in the way it admits students to its graduate programs. Application deadline extensions are:

  • Summer admission: May 10 for applicants in the United States. Application fee waived.
  • Fall admission: August 1 for applicants in the United States; July 1 for international applicants.

For information on specific changes for each college and the graduate school, visit the Graduate School’s website.