Louisiana Tech Copyright Policy
Louisiana Tech University’s Policy 7115 on copyright compliance.

Instruction Aids in Compliance with Copyright
A tutorial prepared for the Louisiana Tech University Office of Academic Affairs by Robert J. Bremer, J D.

Fair Use Guidelines for Educational Multimedia
Developed during but not adopted by the Conference for Fair Use (CONFU, 1996-1998). Noted as “a guide found on the Web” by University of Louisiana System attorney W.G. DeCuir during his November 13, 2009, presentation at Louisiana Tech University on Education Law.

The Copyright Website
A useful, relatively even-handed guide for those unfamiliar with copyright protections and the expansive “fair use” exemptions from copyright restrictions. Cited in Louisiana Tech Policy No. 2303 on “Internet Use.

Reproduction of Copyrighted Works by Educators and Librarians
U.S. Copyright Office Circular 21(rev: 11 / 2009)

Code of Best Practices in Fair Use for Academic & Research Libraries
Guidelines developed by and for academic and research librarians to enhance their ability to rely on fair use by identifying eight situations that represent the library community’s current consensus about acceptable practices for the fair use of copyrighted materials. (January 2012)

In or Out of Copyright

Tools for determining if a work is in-copyright or in the public domain.


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