Submit Dissertation or Thesis

  1. Use the thesis/dissertation routing form to secure approvals at the required levels. The calculator built into the form will tell you, based on your specifications, how many copies on bond paper (printed single-sided only) are required.
  2. Download ProQuest’s Forms & Instructions for Paper Submission of your Doctoral Dissertation or Master’s Thesis. Complete and save pages 3 through 5, the ProQuest Publishing Agreement form, as a pdf. If you are unable to edit the pdf, please contact Ben Quinnelly at for assistance. Print a paper copy of the completed form.
  3. Email Ben Quinnelly at to schedule an appointment for submitting your dissertation or thesis. Send the completed ProQuest Publishing Agreement form pdf as an attachment.
  4. Bring the required number of copies of your dissertation or thesis to the Library in individual unsealed manila envelopes. Please also bring the paper copy of your completed ProQuest Publishing Agreement form.
  5. At the Library you will be informed of the total cost of binding your dissertation or thesis. The cost will be entered into the Web form (see Step 1.) The cost of binding is $19 per copy for the first two copies (which are required by the Library) and $13 for each additional copy. For any personal copies to be mailed after binding, there is a flat shipping fee of $10.50 per copy.
  6. Go to the Comptroller Payment Window (bottom floor of Keeny Hall) and make the payment. The Comptroller will also accept credit card payment over the phone (318-257-4325) with a surcharge.

Embargo of Theses or Dissertations

Sometimes it is necessary to embargo theses or dissertations for various lengths of time. The embargo request is initiated by the student and requires the completion of a form (see the Graduate School). Louisiana Tech has an in-house process for all embargoes and does not utilize the embargo option offered by ProQuest. If an embargo is requested, visit the Graduate School and fill out the embargo form before completing the steps listed above.