Student Handbooks

All Louisiana Tech University students —undergraduate, graduate, post-baccalaureate, full-time, part-time, special, on-line and extension–regardless of mode or delivery or instructional location are subject to official University publications and procedures. Individuals should be aware that these regulations are in effect during periods of non-enrollment should a student choose to re-enroll. All students are responsible for becoming familiar with all of the relevant publications listed and agree to abide by the policies therein.

“Upon enrolling at Louisiana Tech University, each student elects to be subject to each of these publications governing his/her relevant communities:

(1) Louisiana Tech University STUDENT HANDBOOK

(2) Louisiana Tech University BULLETIN (catalog)

(3) Louisiana Tech University VEHICLE REGULATIONS



(5) OTHER official University publications including departmental policy and class syllabi.

(Source — Student Handbook)


For inquiries regarding policies listed within specific guidelines, students should contact the campus office responsible for the publication.

Division of Student Affairs – 318.257.2445
1. Student Handbook
2. Residential Life Bulletin

Registrar – 318.257.2176
1. University Catalog (Bulletin)

University Police – 318.257.4018
1. Vehicle Regulations