Property Forms

When preparing forms relating to university inventory:

  1. Supply all requested information.
  2. Obtain all required signatures.
  3. Submit completed forms to the property office PRIOR to making any changes in property status.

Available Forms

  1. EQUIPMENT TRANSFER REQUEST (pdf format) – Use this form when transferring equipment between departments OR when moving equipment within a department.
  2. EQUIPMENT DISPOSITION REQUEST (pdf format) – This form is to be used to report equipment ready for surplus; equipment to be dismantled for parts; stolen equipment, etc.
  3. DONATION CERTIFICATION (pdf format)– Submit this completed form for all equipment donated to the university, new or used. Approval from the University Donation Committee may be required.
  4. REQUEST FOR OFF-CAMPUS USE OF TAGGED ITEMS (pdf format) – This form must be completed and returned to the property office prior to removing equipment from the Louisiana Tech Campus.
  5. EQUIPMENT REPAIR/EXCHANGE (pdf format) – Use this form when equipment must be sent to a dealer for repair OR returned and replaced by the vendor because of defect or poor quality.

Copies of these forms are available in the Property Office or may be duplicated from the examples on this page.