Property Location Index

Property Location Index Sorted By Building Name

Building Abbreviation
A.E. Phillips Annex AEPLD
A.E. Phillips Lab School AEPL
Academic Success Center ASCB
Adams Classroom AHCL
Adams Hall AHCL
Advanced Studies Lab 1-2 ASL1
Advanced Studies Lab 3-4 ASL2
Advanced Studies Lab 5-6 ASL3
Advanced Studies Lab 7-8 ASL4
Advanced Studies Lab 9-10 ASL5
Agricultural Mechanization Building AMB
Agriculture Maintenance & Shop AMS
Applied Trade Shops ATS
Archery Range Office AROB
Argent Pavilion AP
Architecture Shop Building ASB
Art & Architecture Workshop AAWS
Aswell Hall AS
Band Building BAND
Barksdale AFB BAFB
Biomedical Engineering Building BMEB
Bogard Hall BOGH
Bookstore BK
Business Building COBB
CAMD Center – Baton Rouge CAMD
Carson Taylor Chemical Storage Building CTCS
Carson Taylor Hall CTLH
Caruthers A CAA
Caruthers B CAB
Caruthers C CAC
Caruthers D CAD
Cattle Shed CS215
Centennial Plaza Clock Tower CPCT
Custodial/Grounds Building GB
Cyber Innovation Center CIC
Dairy Calf Barn/Hog Barn SB
Dairy Holding Area DHA
Dairy Production Center DPC
Dairy Processing Plant DPP
Davison Athletic Complex DAC
Davison Hall DAVH
Dudley Hall DU
Early Childhood Education Center ECEC
Electrical Engineering Energy Center EEEC
Engineering Annex EA
Engineering Research Lab ERL
Engineering Test Laboratory ETL
Enterprise Center EC
Environmental Safety Building EHSB
Environmental Safety Storage Building EHSSB
Equine Auction Bleachers EAB
Equine Indoor Arena AGIA
Equine Utility Building EUB
Equipment Shed & Hay Storage EHSS
Equipment Shed West ESW
F. Jay Taylor Visual Arts Center TVAC
Farm Pastures FP
Farm Restroom Building FRB
Farm Sales Room & Greenhouses TFSR
Football Practice Field FPF
Forestry Lab Building FORL
Forestry Storage Garage FSG
Former Bank FBNK
Garden Storage Shed GSS
George T. Madison Hall GTMH
Girl’s Softball Field GSF
Glenwood Regional Medical Center GRMC
Graham Hall GR
Griffin Memorial Greenhouse & Garden GMGG
Hale Hall HALE
Harper A HAA
Harper B HAB
Harper C HAC
Hay Storage/Feed Utility Building HSFUB
Hay Storage/Feeding Barn #217  
Headhouse & Greenhouses HDHS
Hideaway Park HIDP
Horse Shelters 1-5 HS#1
Howard Center for the Performing Arts HCPA
Hutcheson A HUTA
Hutcheson B HUTB
Hutcheson C HUTC
Hutcheson D HUTD
Hutcheson E HUTE
Institute for Micromanufacturing IFMM
Integrated Engineering and Science Building IESB
Intramural Equipment Shed IES
Irrigation Pond Pump House IPPH
J.C. Love Baseball Stadium JCL
Jenkins A JENA
Jenkins B JENB
Jenkins C JENC
Jenkins D JEND
Jimmy Mize Track JMT
Joe Aillet Field House FLD
Joe Aillet Stadium JAS
Keeny Hall KEEH
Kidd A KIA
Kidd B KIB
Kidd C KIC
Lambright Intramural Sport Center LISC
Lath House LATH
Lincoln Parish Museum LPM
Livestock Production Lab BTB
Lomax Hall LOMH
Lomax Storage Building LSB
Los Alamos Research Center LARC
Louisiana Center for the Blind LCFB
LSU Medical Center – Shreveport LSUM
Marbury Center MAC
McFarland A MCA
McFarland B MCB
McFarland C MCC
Meat Processing Plant MTPP
Memorial Gymnasium MEMG
Methodist Children’s Home MCH
Minden Medical Center MMC
Mycogen House MYH
Nanopulse Center NPC
Neilson A NEA
Neilson B NEB
Neilson C NEC
Neilson D NED
Nethken Hall NETH
Pearce A PEAA
Pearce B PEAB
Pearce C PEAC
Physical Plant & Receiving Depot BG
Physical Plant Equipment Yard BGEA
Physical Plant Motor Pool MP
Potts A POTA
Potts B POTB
Potts C POTC
Potts D POTD
Potts E POTE
Power Plant PP
Prescott Library PML
President’s Greenhouse PG
President’s Home PH
Professional Aviation Flight Operations PAFO
Property Office Building PS
Race Horse Barn RHB
Reese Hall REEH
Research Farm West RFW
Research Park Hay Barn RPHB
Research Park Hay Barn Addition RPHBA
Research Park Observatory RPO
Research Park Sheep Shed RPSS
Research Park Stable RPS
Robinson A ROBA
Robinson B ROBB
Robinson C ROBC
Robinson Hall ROBH
Ropp Center ROPP
Rugby Field RF
Sawdust Storage SS
Sawmill SWML
Shreveport Center SC
South Hall SOUH
Student Center STCR
Sutton A SUA
Sutton B SUB
Sutton C SUC
Sutton D SUD
Sutton E SUE
Tech Pointe TECP
Thatcher A THA
Thatcher B THB
Thomas Assembly Center TAC
Tolliver Hall TDH
Track Locker Room TLR
Trenchless Technology Center TTRC
Trenchless Technology Storage Building  
University Hall UNVH
Vehicle Maintenance Building VM
Video Board VB
Warehouse – B&G Storage Building PPB#1
Warehouse & Applied Trade Shops WATS
Women’s Center WC
Women’s Soccer Complex WSPB
Woodard Hall WOOH
Wyly Tower WYLT

Property Location Index Sorted By Building Abbreviation

Abbreviation Building
AAWS Art & Architecture Workshop
AEPL A.E. Phillips Lab School
AEPLD A.E. Phillips Annex
AGIA Equine Indoor Arena
AHCL Adams Classroom
AHCL Adams Hall
AMB Agricultural Mechanization Building
AMS Agriculture Maintenance & Shop
AP Argent Pavilion
AROB Archery Range Office
AS Aswell Hall
ASB Architecture Shop Building
ASCB Academic Success Center
ASL1 Advanced Studies Lab 1-2
ASL2 Advanced Studies Lab 3-4
ASL3 Advanced Studies Lab 5-6
ASL4 Advanced Studies Lab 7-8
ASL5 Advanced Studies Lab 9-10
ATS Applied Trade Shops
BAFB Barksdale AFB
BAND Band Building
BG Physical Plant & Receiving Depot
BGEA Physical Plant Equipment Yard
BK Bookstore
BMEB Biomedical Engineering Building
BOGH Bogard Hall
BTB Livestock Production Lab
CAA Caruthers A
CAB Caruthers B
CAC Caruthers C
CAD Caruthers D
CAMD CAMD Center – Baton Rouge
CIC Cyber Innovation Center
COBB Business Building
CPCT Centennial Plaza Clock Tower
CS215 Cattle Shed
CTCS Carson Taylor Chemical Storage Building
CTLH Carson Taylor Hall
DAC Davison Athletic Complex
DAVH Davison Hall
DHA Dairy Holding Area
DPC Dairy Production Center
DPP Dairy Processing Plant
DU Dudley Hall
EA Engineering Annex
EAB Equine Auction Bleachers
EC Enterprise Center
ECEC Early Childhood Education Center
EEEC Electrical Engineering Energy Center
EHSB Environmental Safety Building
EHSS Equipment Shed & Hay Storage
EHSSB Environmental Safety Storage Building
ERL Engineering Research Lab
ESW Equipment Shed West
ETL Engineering Test Laboratory
EUB Equine Utility Building
FBNK Former Bank
FLD Joe Aillet Field House
FORL Forestry Lab Building
FP Farm Pastures
FPF Football Practice Field
FRB Farm Restroom Building
FSG Forestry Storage Garage
GB Custodial/Grounds Building
GMGG Griffin Memorial Greenhouse & Garden
GR Graham Hall
GRMC Glenwood Regional Medical Center
GSF Girl’s Softball Field
GSS Garden Storage Shed
GTMH George T. Madison Hall
HAA Harper A
HAB Harper B
HAC Harper C
HALE Hale Hall
  Hay Storage/Feeding Barn #217
HCPA Howard Center for the Performing Arts
HDHS Headhouse & Greenhouses
HIDP Hideaway Park
HS#1 Horse Shelters 1-5
HSFUB Hay Storage/Feed Utility Building
HUTA Hutcheson A
HUTB Hutcheson B
HUTC Hutcheson C
HUTD Hutcheson D
HUTE Hutcheson E
IES Intramural Equipment Shed
IESB Integrated Engineering and Science Building
IFMM Institute for Micromanufacturing
IPPH Irrigation Pond Pump House
JAS Joe Aillet Stadium
JCL J.C. Love Baseball Stadium
JENA Jenkins A
JENB Jenkins B
JENC Jenkins C
JEND Jenkins D
JMT Jimmy Mize Track
KEEH Keeny Hall
KIA Kidd A
KIB Kidd B
KIC Kidd C
LARC Los Alamos Research Center
LATH Lath House
LCFB Louisiana Center for the Blind
LISC Lambright Intramural Sports Center
LOMH Lomax Hall
LPM Lincoln Parish Museum
LSB Lomax Storage Building
LSUM LSU Medical Center – Shreveport
MAC Marbury Center
MCA McFarland A
MCB McFarland B
MCC McFarland C
MCH Methodist Children’s Home
MEMG Memorial Gymnasium
MMC Minden Medical Center
MP Physical Plant Motor Pool
MTPP Meat Processing Plant
MYH Mycogen House
NEA Neilson A
NEB Neilson B
NEC Neilson C
NED Neilson D
NETH Nethken Hall
NPC Nanopulse Center
PAFO Professional Aviation Flight Operations
PEAA Pearce A
PEAB Pearce B
PEAC Pearce C
PG President’s Greenhouse
PH President’s Home
PML Prescott Library
POTA Potts A
POTB Potts B
POTC Potts C
POTD Potts D
POTE Potts E
PP Power Plant
PPB#1 Warehouse – B&G Storage Building
PS Property Office Building
REEH Reese Hall
RF Rugby Field
RFW Research Farm West
RHB Race Horse Barn
ROBA Robinson A
ROBB Robinson B
ROBC Robinson C
ROBH Robinson Hall
ROPP Ropp Center
RPHB Research Park Hay Barn
RPHBA Research Park Hay Barn Addition
RPO Research Park Observatory
RPS Research Park Stable
RPSS Research Park Sheep Shed
SB Dairy Calf Barn/Hog Barn
SC Shreveport Center
SOUH South Hall
SS Sawdust Storage
STCR Student Center
SUA Sutton A
SUB Sutton B
SUC Sutton C
SUD Sutton D
SUE Sutton E
SWML Sawmill
TAC Thomas Assembly Center
TDH Tolliver Hall
TECP Tech Pointe
TFSR Farm Sales Room & Greenhouses
THA Thatcher A
THB Thatcher B
TLR Track Locker Room
TTRC Trenchless Technology Center
  Trenchless Technology Storage Building
TVAC F. Jay Taylor Visual Arts Center
UNVH University Hall
VB Video Board
VM Vehicle Maintenance Building
WATS Warehouse & Applied Trade Shops
WC Women’s Center
WOOH Woodard Hall
WSPB Women’s Soccer Complex
WYLT Wyly Tower