Visitor Information

The Prescott Memorial Library welcomes visitors whose research requires use of our collection. When using the Library, please make note of the following information:

Research Assistance

The Reference/Information Desk (318.257.2231) is located on the main floor near the library entrance. During normal operating hours, it is staffed with knowledgeable librarians who can answer your research questions.

Access to Government Documents

Prescott Memorial Library is a depository for both federal and Louisiana state government publications. These materials are freely available for use by any individual. Photocopiers are available for print materials and machines are available for viewing and copying microfiche documents. There is no fee for using paper or microfiche documents, but there is a fee for copying from either format. Online government publications can be accessed from computers in the Reference area.

Access to Library Computers & Online Resources

On the main floor behind the Reference Desk, desktop computers are available to access the library catalog and numerous online resources. Visitors are allowed to use these electronic resources while on campus, but they are not accessible off-campus unless you are a current student, faculty, or staff member.

Use of Laptops in the Library

If you choose to bring your laptop computer to the Library, there are many large tables and study carrels on which to work. As a matter of security, you will not have access to the wireless Internet connection that is given our students and staff. This “open air” access is available only when you have a login supplied by the campus Computing Center. You may wish to bring a flash drive to save documents from our computers and then transfer to your laptop.

Access to Copiers

The Library has several copiers on both the Main Floor (2nd) and Periodicals Floor (3rd). Copies cost 10¢ a page. At this time, we do not have machines that offer oversized or color copying.