Welcome to Richardson Hall

Richardson hall opened Fall 2021 for residency, along Tech Drive. With a centrally located floor commons in the knuckle of two wings, residents enjoy a space to study, share a meal and build a community.  Separate smaller lounges/study rooms are located on each wing that will be accessible only by the students residing on that wing.  It has three different room configurations – a suite style option where two students will share a bathroom in their room, a single bedroom option where 6-7 residents will share a community restroom of two showers and two toilets, a private flex bedroom option that gives us a larger single bedroom and a community restroom of two showers and two toilets with 7-14 residents.  The suite style option will include a shower only in the bathrooms.  The flex and single rooms do not have a sink and mirror in the rooms.

The first floor, south wing of Richardson will be utilized as retail/dining space by our Food Services and provide a convenient option for our residents!  The proximity to the new intramural fields as well as outdoor seating areas will provide opportunities for residents to gather outdoors.


  • Wifi in common areas and wired internet in the rooms
  • Community Kitchen, study rooms, laundry rooms
  • Community bathrooms for private flex and single rooms (no more than 14 sharing a restroom)
  • Bathrooms in the suite rooms (two residents share a bathroom). Bathrooms include a toilet, shower and sink with cabinets underneath.
  • Built in closet nook in the suites and private flex rooms; wardrobes in the single rooms
  • Private flex rooms have a chest and twin XL loft bed (dimensions: 38.5W x 85.75D x 64H) with rails.  Desks and chairs are not provided in flex rooms.
  • Single rooms and suites have a chest, twin XL adjustable height bed (dimensions: 38.5W x 85.75D x 36H), desk and chair in rooms
  • Single and private flex rooms do not have a sink and mirror in the rooms.


Space Type Room Fee (per quarter/per resident)

Suites – 9 month



Single Private bedroom – 9 month



Single Bed Flex Room – 9 month





North Smith

Hall Director

S 201

P: 318.257.4917

Tatum Thomisee

Resident Assistant

S 301

P: 318.257.4917

Tori Baglio

Resident Assistant

S 401


Luke Martin

Resident Assistant

N 101

P: 318.257.4917

Jessie Gunnels

Resident Assistant

N 401

P: 318.257.4917

Room Dimensions

(Please note that dimensions may vary slightly if room is designated ADA or due to location on the hall)

Single Rooms: 12′ – 2 5/8″ x 8′ – 10 1/2″

Private Flex Rooms: 14′ – 8 7/8″  x 10′ – 6 1/2″

Suite Rooms: 20′ – 3 7/8″ x 10′  – 10 1/2″

Each room has a window that is 48″ W x 80″ L.  Windows in the single rooms have a window seat.  Each window has an installed window shade.  End rooms have an additional window that is 31″ W x 72″ L with a shade.

Ceilings are 9.5 feet in the bedroom.

Closet Nook: 26″ Deep, 35″ Wide, 13.5″ Ceiling to Shelf, 75″ Bottom of Shelf to Floor, 15″ Shelf Depth


Mail and Packages:
Name as appears on your CWID
305 Wisteria St
Ruston, LA 71272

Perishable Deliveries:

Physical Address: 210 Tech Dr., Ruston, LA


Private Room

Private Flex (Only includes bed and chest)