Bulldog Online Student System (BOSS)

What is BOSS?

BOSS is a TECH-modified, commercial web-based tool that interfaces with TECH’s SCT-IA Plus 2000 Student Information System, enabling authorized TECH students to view their student records, register, drop/add, and complete fee payment over the Internet. There are certain functions within BOSS that are available to the entire public (e.g. Course Catalog, Course Descriptions, Available Course Sections, Critical Registration Dates, and numerous forms and links). Access to personal record information, and online fee payment is restricted to those students fully admitted to Louisiana Tech University. Web Registration and Drop/Add operations (when active) are not available for use by Transient graduate students, Visiting undergraduate students, ICP students, nor High School early or concurrent admission students.

PLEASE NOTE: BOSS will remain the system of record through Summer Quarter, 2024.  The system of record for students attending Fall Quarter, 2024 and forward will be Workday Student.

What is a BOSS PIN Number?

The BOSS PIN is the Personal Identification Number assigned to you in the Student Information System when you were admitted. You will need this number plus your Student Campus Wide ID (CWID) number to access your records in BOSS. New undergraduate students receive their TECH e-mail USERID and Password along with their BOSS PIN by email mail after they are admitted to the University. Freshman/Transfer students will also receive this information if they attend Orientation during the summer.  If you didn’t attend Orientation or you are a new graduate student, bring your TECH ID card to the Computing Center (Wyly Tower basement) to activate your TECH e-mail account USERID and Password. Then, take your TECH ID to the University Registrar’s office (Keeny Hall 207) and they will look up and provide you with your BOSS PIN.

Who is eligible to have a Student BOSS PIN number?

Students registered and enrolled at Louisiana Tech University anytime during the period Fall 1999 through the present.  Once a BOSS PIN is activated, the student maintains and retains use of that PIN permanently.  Only students may obtain their BOSS PIN.  Release of this information to anyone other than the student requires the written and signed consent of the student.

Who is eligible to have a Faculty BOSS PIN number?

Those faculty members currently employed by Louisiana Tech University.  Faculty BOSS PIN numbers are deactivated upon retirement or immediately upon resignation/termination of employment at Louisiana Tech University.

How do I obtain/retrieve a BOSS PIN number?

BOSS PIN Request Form

Tech E-mail Account: Using your Tech e-mail account, send an e-mail request to providing your name, date of birth, and campus wide ID # and we’ll e-mail the reminder back to your Tech e-mail account.  We do not e-mail to commercial ISP accounts (e.g. Yahoo or Hotmail) without a signed request (see next paragraph).

Fax: Complete the BOSS PIN Request Form, print it out, sign it, and then Fax it to us at the number on the form.  All instructions are on the form.  If you have the connectivity, you can scan the completed, signed form and send the scanned image as an attachment to

In Person: Come by the University Registrar’s Office (Keeny Hall, Room 207) with a picture ID (Tech ID, driver’s license, passport) and we’ll look up the information for you.

BOSS Software Hints:

  1. Best browsers to use: Internet Explorer, and Firefox. Do not use Safari or Netscape.
  2. Don’t use your browser’s Back Button. This will log you out!
  3. Click on a choice only once and wait. If you click again before the new page finishes loading, you’ll be logged out. Don’t double-click!
  4. There is a time limit for both the total length of your session and for idle time.
  5. Remember to log out! You don’t want someone else sitting down behind you and altering YOUR schedule.

BOSS Hours of Operation

Monday – Friday:

8:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.

1:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m.

11:30 p.m. to 6:00 a.m.


12:00 a.m. Saturday thru 6:00 a.m. Monday