Inter-Institutional Cooperative Program (ICP)

Louisiana Tech University (LTU) and Grambling State University (GSU) operate an Inter-Institutional Cooperative Program (ICP). This program makes it possible for students to enroll for courses at both schools. Faculty exchange between the two institutions is also a part of the program.

Application for courses to be taken on the cooperating campuses must be made at the institution where admission requirements have been met and degree programs are being pursued. Credits earned may apply toward a degree at the home institution. The student’s dean or authorized representative must approve the course(s) selected and the course load. An official copy of the student’s transcript will be furnished to his/her home institution.

An ICP student will be charged “full tuition and fees” at the home institution, regardless of course load. This will not require additional fees from the visiting institution.  Students wishing to take a GSU course should complete the ICP Form and return it to Registrar’s Office.