Workday Student

What is Workday Student?

Workday Student is a new student information system replacing the Tech-modified BOSS student information system at Louisiana Tech starting in the 2024/25 academic year. Workday, a cloud-based platform, will be the anchor of the system along with additional applications. Workday aims to transform our faculty, staff and student experience so we can focus on our true mission — academic excellence – while also delivering a dynamic, mobile-friendly experience that expands access to secure, reliable data.

As a student, you’ll use Workday to complete essential tasks such as searching and registering for courses, viewing and updating your personal information, viewing grades and academic progress, requesting unofficial or official transcripts, paying your tuition and downloading important documents, as well as many other tasks and processes. 

With the launch of our renewed Student Information System, our HR, Finance, and Student systems will be connected. This unified, single, configurable, and easy-to-use application will:    

  • guarantee that user data is always readily available as the software and data are delivered to users via the cloud. 
  • allow users to perform a variety of actions using mobile, tablet, or computer devices in an easily accessible and secure environment.  
  • enable Workday HR & Finance, and Workday Student to operate within one platform, providing more integrated reporting capabilities for administrative users.  
  • ensure business continuity for UBC, by using web services that will integrate with other university applications or third-party applications.   
  • provide convenience and cohesion for users to conduct work across HR, Finance, and student services on a single interface and with one sign-on.

With so many functions in Workday, you may have questions about where to find information and tasks within Workday. For a comprehensive list of job aids and training materials, use the link below to navigate to Canvas, so you are able to discover more about Workday.

Please note that your Workday Student login credentials are required to view training aids and videos in Canvas.

What is a Campus PIN number?

The Campus PIN is the Personal Identification Number assigned to you in the Workday Student Information System when you were admitted. You will need this number plus your Student Campus Wide ID (CWID) number to access your records in Workday. New undergraduate students receive their TECH e-mail USERID and Password along with their Campus PIN by email mail after they are admitted to the University. Freshman/Transfer students will also receive this information if they attend Orientation during the summer. 

Who is eligible to have a Student Campus PIN number?

Students registered and enrolled at Louisiana Tech University anytime during the period Fall 1999 through the present.  Once a Campus PIN is activated, the student maintains and retains use of that PIN permanently.  Only students may obtain their Campus PIN.  Release of this information to anyone other than the student requires the written and signed consent of the student.

Who is eligible to have a Faculty Campus PIN number?

Those faculty members currently employed by Louisiana Tech University.  Faculty Campus PIN numbers are deactivated upon retirement or immediately upon resignation/termination of employment at Louisiana Tech University.

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