Resigning from the University

Dropping all of your classes for the term constitutes resigning from the University. To resign from Louisiana Tech University, a student obtains a Resignation Card (downloadable .pdf form to print out) from the Registrar’s Office (Keeny Hall 207), obtains the applicable signatures (back and front) listed in the instructions, and submits the card to the Registrar’s Office. The I.D. card should be turned in to the Tech Express Office, located in the Student Center.

Should the student be unable to acquire the required signature from the Office of Financial Aid, the student is able to complete the Resignation Acknowledgment Form and email it to for processing.

PLEASE NOTE:  A resignation is not official until the completed resignation card is physically on file in the Registrar’s Office with all required signatures.

When a student resigns before the close of General Registration, the permanent record will reflect only that he/she registered and resigned. When a student resigns during the first eight weeks of the quarter, the grade of W will be assigned to all courses attempted. A grade of F for each class will be recorded for any student who leaves without following proper resignation procedures. A student living in the dormitories or housing who leaves without proper resignation will forfeit the unused portion of any payment or deposit made to the University.

Students resigning during the first three calendar weeks of the quarter are entitled to a refund of registration fees based on the published quarterly resignation refund schedule. The current resignation refund schedule can be found within the Division of Finance, Comptroller’s Office Tuition and Fees, Fee refund policy.  Registration Fees are defined as including all tuition, university fees and self-assessments. No refund is given for student insurance. Students resigning after the third calendar week of the quarter are responsible for the full amount of registration fees for the quarter. Resignation refunds are calculated based on the official resignation date listed on the student’s official transcript.

Cost of Attendance

The Cost of Attendance calculator provides an estimate of the costs associated with attending Louisiana Tech University.  The elements associated with the Cost of Attendance include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Tuition and Fees
  • Books, Course Material, Supplies, and Equipment
  • Transportation
  • Miscellaneous Personal Expenses
  • Living Expenses (Food and Housing)

To calculate your estimated Cost of Attendance, click here to be taken to our Cost of Attendance calculator.