Opening An Account

A Louisiana Tech University ID card is required to open a Tech Express account because your student ID is used to access your Tech Express Account. The Tech Express account is accessed using a magnetic strip on the back of the student, faculty, and staff ID cards.  This encoded strip identifies you in the computer and allows you to keep a running balance of your account.

Each time you use the card, the total of your purchase is automatically deducted from your prepaid Tech Express account. When your account balance is low or depleted, you may make a deposit to your Tech Express Account at the Tech Express Office or online through GET Funds.

Students, faculty, and staff of the University are eligible to open a Tech Express account. An account may be opened at the Tech Express Office from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. or by stopping by the Cashiers Office in Keeny Hall.

Accounts may also be opened during fee payment and the amount of the deposit may be added to a student’s account summary along with other University tuition and fee charges. Students who are entitled to refunds from scholarships and federal financial aid may apply all or part of the amount to a Tech Express account. An initial $25 minimum deposit is required with a maximum of $2,000 deposited in a single transaction. Additional funds may be added throughout the quarter.

Important note: A Tech Express account may be used at both on-campus locations and local businesses. This debit account is a separate account from a student’s meal plan that may be used at the University’s campus dining locations. The declining balance portion of the meal plan is accepted at on-campus dining locations but not by local businesses.