Welcome, Students!

When it comes to planning your future, the Career Center is the place to start.  Whether you need to choose a major, figure out what career to pursue, find an internship, or begin preparations for life after college, we have the services and resources to help!

To connect with the center about any of the resources below or to gain answers to questions not answered on this site, please call 318.257.4336 or email Our staff is here to assist you!

Require immediate career assistance; view our Online Resources page that connects you with digital services available to your 24 hours a day.

Need help getting focused?

Career decision making is something all students must do at some point in their college career.  Regardless of where you fall on the decision making continuum: from having no career goals or major, to desiring confirmation of a chosen major, to uncovering certain careers you can pursue, this is the place to get help!

  • Individual Career Coaching

With the guidance of a Career Counselor, learn how to use your personal characteristics (values, skills, personality, and interests) to clarify your career goals. Inventories are delivered in Vision Groups, Career Decision Making Workshops, and Career Resource Labs.

  • Resource Library and Lab

The Career Library and Lab contains directories, books, company literature, reference materials, and online tools, which may be helpful in career planning, research, and job search activities. You can access the library and its computers Monday through Friday from 8 am until 5 pm.

  • Career Labs and Vision Group Resources

If you are looking for assistance during the major and career planning process, consider utilizing our group resources: Vision Groups, Career Decision Making Workshop, and Career Resource Labs. Please call to learn about the options that work best for you.

Need help getting prepared?

Mapping out a path for career success can be difficult when done alone. The Career Center provides the following resources to help you be prepared to plot your journey and guide you along your way!

  • Seminars

Career Center staff offers hour-long sessions on resume writing, interviewing, LinkedIn, and other subjects related to the internship & job search. Log in to your Handshake account to view the calendar of seminars sponsored by the Career Center and consider attending to brush up on your skills.

  • Resume Review Walk-ins

Best suited for students who need a quick review, the Career Center Ambassador Team offers Resume Reviews on a Walk-In basis. This 15-minute interaction provides students with immediate feedback of their current document. Check the event calendar on Handshake for this quarter dates and times!

  • Job Posting Boards

Handshake provides a modern platform for college recruiting. Over 500 colleges and universities have made the switch to using the Handshake system, which in turn has driven over 250,000 employer partners actively recruiting using this same system. Whether you are looking for an opportunity in Accounting to Zoology, operating through Handshake heightens your chances of landing that dream job!

Current students will be able to access Handshake through single sign on that using your Moodle credentials; all you need to do to access the system is activate their account! Alumni have the opportunity to create accounts to use the system. Login in (or create) your account today:

  • Job and Internship Strategy Appointments

Gain insight about the types of search strategies that are best to use in today’s economic climate. You will also have the chance to discuss your specific career goals and learn about resources that will help you to uncover opportunities that appeal to you. Please call 318.257.4336 to schedule an appointment.

Need help networking?

The importance of networking within your career search continues to grow. The Career Center is ready to help you make great lasting impressions with your futures colleagues. Below are the opportunities we provide to our students to gain networking connections.

  • Career Center Events

The Louisiana Tech University Career Center sponsors events for students and alumni to explore employment opportunities with employer and organization representatives. Dates, descriptions and more are found on our Career Center Events page.

  • On-Campus Interviews (OCIs)/Handshake

Many employers wish to visit campus to conduct in-person interviews for their internship and full-time opportunities. Handshake is the interface through which OCIs are processed, including where you will find the positions, where you can submit your resume and how you can select your interview time. Check out this resource for step-by-step instructions about how to participate in on-campus interviews through Handshake.

  • Reserve an Interview Room

Need somewhere quiet to conduct a phone, Skype or online interview? The Career Center has interview rooms at your disposal. Come into the center to reserve your room today!

Information about On-Campus Employment

On-campus jobs are funded by two different resources. The Financial Aid office will determine what source of funding for which a student qualifies, Federal Work Study or Regular Funds.  To become eligible for on-campus employment, students need to first visit the Financial Aid office or website to obtain more information.

Federal Work Study funds are limited, so it is important that students submit their financial aid files by the published priority deadline as those positions are given first consideration.

Regular Funds Job Postings are provided for students who do not have sufficient financial need to qualify for the Federal Work Study Program.  To apply for a regular funds position on campus, the Career Center advises students to take the following steps:

  1. Prepare a strong cover letter and resume. The Career Center provides seminars quarterly.
  2. Contact various departments on campus to inquire about available regular funds positions.
  3. Dress professionally when visiting each department, submitting a cover letter and a resume.
  4. Follow-up with each department head regarding potential interviews with faculty or staff.