Parking Regulations

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Important Information

  1. Students who owe traffic fines will not receive a transcript to validate completed academic work, nor will they be permitted to re-enroll, until fines are cleared.
  2. The registrant is responsible for all tickets issued to his/her vehicle, including violations incurred by family members and other drivers. The operator of an unregistered vehicle is responsible for all tickets issued to that vehicle. (See Family Visitation rules.)
  3. Tickets not paid within 48 hours will be charged a $5 late fee per ticket. Tickets not appealed within 48 hours will receive a $5 late fee per ticket. Tickets must be appealed within seven business days of issuance of the ticket. Tickets may be appealed directly to the Police Chief, Assistant Chief, or Traffic Office Supervisor. If the person wishes to appeal further, an appeals form may be completed in the Traffic Office or the University Police Office, and the appeal will be scheduled for the Parking and Traffic Committee. An individual may appeal directly to the Parking and Traffic Committee by completing and submitting the appeals form.
  4. The vehicle permit may be suspended on any vehicle receiving 10 parking violations in one academic quarter. Vehicles found parked on campus in violation of the rules of suspension may be towed without notice at the owner’s expense.
  5. The use of vehicle flashing hazard lights is not justification for illegal parking.
  6. The fact that other vehicles are parked illegally is not an acceptable excuse for illegal parking.
  7. Student decals are okay to park in BLUE (Faculty/Staff) ZONES from 3 p.m. to 7 a.m. Monday through Friday and on all hours on weekends (Friday 3 p.m. till Monday 7 a.m.).
  8. Vehicles that are a hazard to campus safety and/or destroy or deface University property, or bring discredit to the University, are towed without notification at the owner’s expense.
  9. Students adjudicated as guilty of traffic offenses which occurred on campus and which involved alcohol or other intoxicants will be referred to the Office of Student Conduct for appropriate action.
  10. If you believe you were ticketed in error, do not move your vehicle, and contact the Tech Police Department (257-4018).
  11. If your vehicle is parked in violation and inoperable, contact the police department immediately.

General Provisions

  1. Traffic tickets, decals, and automobile registration applications are official documents of the University. Falsification of or allowing falsification of official documents subject the person to University disciplinary action.
  2. Further violations for a registered or an unregistered vehicle beyond the above may be referred to the Office of the Dean of Student Life.
  4. Any University employee indebted to the University Police Office is subject to city court action if violations are not paid after sufficient notification.
  5. The operation of a vehicle on campus is a privilege granted by Louisiana Tech. Serious and/or excessive traffic violations will result in the loss of this privilege.
  6. Louisiana Tech assumes no responsibility for the care and/or protection of any vehicle or its contents.
  7. Any vehicle parked or positioned as to cause a hazardous situation for pedestrian or vehicular or emergency vehicle movement may be towed by order of the police. Any cost related to such tow shall be the responsibility of the registered owner of said vehicle.
  • Student R:Residence Hall and all on-campus Apartments.
  • Student C:Commuter student parking for students who reside off-campus.
  • Faculty/Staff:Denoted by blue curbs or blue parking lines campus wide.
  • Handicap:Denoted by green curbs or handicap signs. Students, faculty and staff must have a Louisiana Tech handicap permit to park in a handicap zone.
  • Reserved:No parking anytime except for authorized vehicles.
  • Enterprise Campus: Designated parking TBD.
  • Visitor and 30 Minute Zone: Will be denoted by yellow curb.

Zones Exceptions

  • Students and Faculty/Staff may use any 15 or 30-minute zone on campus.
  • Lots may be re-zoned by the University Police Department if necessary. Any lot that is re-zoned will be posted accordingly.

During Fall, Winter and Spring quarters:

  1. Students vehicles with a valid student permit may park in any student zone or faculty/staff zone from 3 p.m. to 7 a.m.
  2. Faculty/Staff vehicles with a valid faculty/staff permit may park in any student zone from 3 p.m. to 7 a.m.
  3. From 7:01 a.m. to 2:59 p.m.: Zone R permitted - may park in Zones R and C. Zone C permitted - may park in Zones C.
  4. A parking permit is required 24 hours a day.

During Summer Quarter:

  1. Student permits R and C may park in any Student Zone legal space 24 hours a day.
  2. Student permits R and C may park in Faculty/Staff blue Zones from 3 p.m. to 7 a.m.
  3. Faculty/Staff may park in Student Zones from 3 p.m. to 7 a.m.

Vehicles with Faculty/Staff permits - (year-round):

  1. May park in all gravel lots.
  2. May park in Nethken Lot Student Zone 24 hours a day.
  3. Housing custodians with Faculty/Staff permits may park in the Student Zones in the residence hall lot where they are assigned.
  4. All blue zones.
  5. May park in University Park lots north of West Alabama


Vehicle Registration

  1. A parking permit is required 24 hours a day to park on any part of the University All Faculty/Staff, including part-time employees, must have a parking permit. All Louisiana Tech students, including but not limited to full-time students, graduate students, part-time students, evening students, non- extension nursing students, student teachers, student athletes that do not live on campus but park on campus for practice or travel, etc., must have a parking permit. Barksdale students, off-campus extension course students, nursing extension students and medical technology interns are not required to have a main campus parking permit unless the student is enrolled for or taking a class or course on the main campus. In that case, the Barksdale, extension student, nursing extension student or medical technology interns must purchase an appropriate Zone parking permit. Any student exempt from a parking permit requirement must park in the appropriate Commuter Zone and will be responsible for any Zone (i.e., Red, Blue, Green, Student Zone R) violation received. (See requirements for vehicle registration.)
  2. Vehicle is interpreted to mean any mode of transportation. All vehicles must be registered by the beginning of the third day of classes. Zone violations are issued beginning the first day of fee payment. Red and Green Zones are enforced year- round, including quarter breaks. Any person who has a vehicle permitted may use another unregistered vehicle for three consecutive days without incurring any parking or registration fees. No tickets are charged against the vehicle if the vehicle is parked in areas as authorized for the registered vehicle. Any citation received during this period is reported to the Vehicle Registration Office within 24 hours of the date of issue. After three days, the vehicle must be registered with a temporary (See requirements for Vehicle Registration below.)
  3. Vehicles may be registered in the Vehicle Registration Office on the second floor of South Hall.
  4. All vehicles registered with the State of Louisiana must comply with the Compulsory Insurance Law including carrying proof of insurance coverage.
  5. If parking a friend or family member’s permitted vehicle, the vehicle must be parked in the zone for which it is permitted.
  6. Faculty, adjunct faculty, staff, employees and part-time employees must purchase a Faculty/Staff permit in order to park on the Louisiana Tech campus. Faculty/Staff may purchase more than one annual decal so multiple vehicles can be permitted.
  7. On site teacher supervisors who do not work on campus or take classes will not be required to purchase a decal but must abide by faculty/staff zone regulations.
  8. Graduate students/assistants, undergraduate and part-time students must purchase a Student permit. Students may not purchase more than one annual decal or more than two temporary decals in any academic year without special approval from the Police Chief, Assistant Chief, or Traffic Office Supervisor.
  9. Grambling State University – Institutional Cooperative Program students are required to have a Louisiana Tech parking permit. If the ICP student has purchased a GSU student permit, then the student may receive a Louisiana Tech Zone C Commuter permit at no charge by completing an application at the Louisiana Tech Traffic Office and furnishing proof of the GSU permit purchase and proof of ICP ICP students who have not purchased a GSU student permit must purchase a Louisiana Tech student permit at regular price. ICP students must register their vehicle by 8 a.m. on the third day of classes just as all other Louisiana Tech students must do.
  10. GSU faculty permits are valid for parking in Louisiana Tech Faculty/Staff zones.
  11. Louisiana Delta Community College faculty and Bossier Parish Community College faculty who have permitted a vehicle at the respective college and are teaching on the Louisiana Tech campus may apply for a Louisiana Tech Faculty decal at no charge.
  12. University of Louisiana at Monroe, AFROTC crosstown agreement students are issued a Louisiana Tech Student Zone C commuter permit at no charge upon proof of purchase of a ULM permit and proof of ULM AFROTC crosstown status. ULM AFROTC crosstown agreement students must secure their Tech permit by 8 a.m. on the third day of Tech classes. If the ULM AFROTC crosstown student hasn’t purchased a ULM permit, then the student must pay regular price for the Louisiana Tech parking permit.
  13. Louisiana Education Consortium students are issued a Tech Student Zone C Commuter permit at no charge upon proof of purchase of a ULM or GSU or an LDCC LEC students must secure their Tech permit by the third day of classes. LEC students who do not purchase a ULM or GSU permit must pay regular price for their Tech permit.
  14. Dual Enrollment (high school) students receive a Zone C decal free of charge as part of their registration process. These students are bound by commuter student parking regulations.
  15. Continuing Education students receive a parking pass issued by Continuing Education as part of their registration process. These students may not park in red or no parking zones. Continuing Education students must have a state issued handicap placard or Louisiana Tech Traffic Office issued handicap visitor pass to park in handicap zones.
  16. ELS Language Centers/Ruston enrolled students are required to purchase a decal and are bound by vehicle regulations.


  • Handicap and/or multi-zone parking permits may be applied for by disabled or temporarily disabled students or faculty and staff, Application/physical verification forms are available in the Traffic Office. The permit expiration date varies depending on the duration of the disability. These special permits may only be utilized by the person to whom the permit is issued. Unauthorized use may result in a handicap parking fine and/or referral to Judicial Affairs.
  • Aramark employees: Non-student Aramark employees must purchase a Faculty/Staff permit. Louisiana Tech student Aramark employees must purchase a Student permit.
  • Part-time Aviation Instructors: Non-student, part-time aviation instructors who have graduated may purchase a Faculty/Staff permit. Non-student, part-time aviation instructors who have not completed undergraduate work may purchase a temporary Faculty/Staff permit on a quarterly basis. Louisiana Tech student part- time aviation instructors purchase an annual Student permit.

Requirements for Vehicle Registration

  1. Present a valid driver’s license or Louisiana Tech identification card.
  2. Present valid registration certificate for the vehicle, or a temporary license plate with vehicle identification number, or a valid bill of sale with vehicle identification number.
  3. Present vehicle license number.
  4. For a temporary permit (good for 14 days), only a valid driver’s license and a license plate number or vehicle identification number are required.
  5. BICYCLES – The serial number is the only registration requirement.

How to Purchase a Permit

  • From the Traffic Office (second floor, South Hall) Hours for Fall, Winter, and Spring Quarters Monday thru Friday 8 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. Hours for Summer Quarter Monday thru Thursday 7:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. Friday 7:30 a.m.-12 noon
  • From the University Police 24-hour Information Window (first floor, South Hall) when the Traffic Office is closed (by check only). Except during first two weeks of fall quarter.
  • By mail by sending a check for the appropriate amount, a photocopy of the vehicle registration certificate, and a photocopy of driver’s license to: Louisiana Tech Traffic Office, P.O. Box 3003, Ruston LA 71272.
  • In compliance with Louisiana mandated guidelines, a 2% surcharge is added to payments made by credit card.

Permit Display

  1. The official University decal must be displayed in an upright position either on the outside of the lower left portion of the rear window or on the left side of the rear bumper so as to be visible from a standing position behind the automobile. An approved alternate location for permit placement on convertible vehicles only is the lower right-hand (passenger side) corner of the front windshield. Permits shall be affixed to the vehicle as designed by removing the backing and applying the adhesive side of the permit to the vehicle.
  2. Permits are not transferable and must be removed from vehicles immediately upon change of ownership or if the registrant severs his/her connection with the University.
  3. It is against University policy to display permits upon any vehicle other than the one indicated on the official registration, or to use a permit other than for the legitimate object and purpose for which such permit was purchased or issued. (New license numbers must be furnished to the Vehicle Registration Office immediately after purchasing.)
  4. Penalties for improper permit display are the same as penalties for parking violations.
  5. Rules for displaying permits other than for automobiles are given at the time of purchase of the permit.
  7. Previous registration permits are removed prior to placement of new permits.
  8. Upon presentation of a police report, a stolen permit is replaced for free (limit one per year). Lost permits are replaced at regular purchase price.

Vehicle Registration Fees

Contact the traffic office for permit fees.

  1. Permits are not refundable with the exception of graduates. Graduates must apply for a refund within five business days after commencement exercises and must return the decal for a refund.
  2. Temporary and retiring employees may purchase a temporary Faculty/Staff permit for the applicable number of quarters.
  3. Tickets must be paid in the vehicle registration office or the Comptroller’s Office. Police Officers do not accept payment for fines.
  4. The University can revoke a registration or refuse registration of a vehicle if it finds that the operation of said vehicle will create a hazard or bring discredit to the University.
  5. Persons over 60 years old who are enrolled in no more than one class per quarter may purchase an annual decal at a 50% discount.

Regulations for Moving Vehicles

  1. The campus speed limit is 20 miles per hour unless otherwise posted.
  2. All signs and traffic controls must be observed.
  3. Excessive noise by driver or occupants of a motor vehicle, excessive noise of vehicle, reckless operation of the vehicle, driving while intoxicated or under the influence of intoxicants, spinning tires on pavement or gravel, drag racing, operating vehicle with faulty lights or mufflers other than stock mufflers are all violations.
  4. No person shall ride on running boards, fenders, or rear rack of motor vehicles.
  5. Vehicles are not to be operated on sidewalks or lawns.
  7. The operation of unlicensed vehicles on University property, or any device used for transportation, sport, or entertainment (excluding bicycles) is prohibited.
  8. All vehicle accidents are to be reported to the University Police. Accident vehicles are not to be moved until a police officer arrives unless they present a traffic hazard.
  9. Bicycles are subject to the same traffic regulations as motor vehicles.

Regulations for Vehicle Parking

  1. Vehicles with Faculty/Staff permits shall park where the curb is painted blue. Vehicles with Student Zones R or C permits shall park in designated parking spaces or lanes where the curb is painted white or unpainted within the appropriate zone. (See VEHICLE ZONE REGULATIONS section.)
  2. RED – curbs, rails, and/or markings denote NO PARKING areas at all times. If any part of a vehicle is parked illegally and/or in a Red Zone, the vehicle is in violation. Unauthorized vehicles may be towed from Red and/or “NO PARKING” Zones or areas at the owner’s expense. Red areas are enforced at all times, including quarter break and holidays.
  3. GREEN – curbs and/or markings denote handicap permit parking only. Unauthorized vehicles may be towed from handicap parking spaces/handicap ramps at the owner’s expense. Green areas are enforced at all times, including quarter break and holidays.
  4. RESERVED – no parking anytime except for authorized vehicles.
  5. YELLOW – curbs and/or markings in gravel lots denote student or faculty/staff parking. Yellow curbs at roadway intersections denote no parking. (See Vehicle Zone Regulations section.)
  6. No parking is allowed on lawns, neutral grounds, sidewalks, crosswalks, athletic areas, over or by red and yellow curbs, where streets are marked “No Parking,” or in areas designated as “Loading Zone” and “Service Entrance.” Parked vehicles cannot obstruct walks, driveways, or intersections. “Park at Your Own Risk “signs do not authorize persons to park illegally.
  7. Vehicles cannot be repaired or abandoned on campus. Abandoned vehicles are towed and impounded at the owner’s expense.
  8. Where diagonal or perpendicular parking is indicated, vehicles must be parked between the parking lines and at the angle indicated by the lines.
  9. Backing into parking areas that are next to curbs, buildings, and non-paved areas is prohibited if the backed-in vehicle obstructs a sidewalk or other pedestrian or wheelchair pathway.
  10. Where parallel parking is indicated, vehicles must be parked with the right-hand wheels of such vehicle parallel to and within twelve inches of the right-hand curb.
  11. Double parking is not allowed.
  12. In parking lots with angled parking spaces where traffic flow is dictated by the angle of the parking spaces, it is not permissible to pull through the angled parking spaces and park so the parked vehicle will be opposed to the normal traffic flow of the parking lot.
  13. Any vehicle, including a bicycle, parked illegally, blocking a driveway or loading dock, double parked, creating a hazard, abandoned, parked in a handicap zone or wheelchair ramp, or a vehicle suspended from parking on campus, may be towed at the owner’s expense.
  14. The University Police Office may alter parking limitations which are ordinarily imposed when conditions warrant, such as special events or during inclement weather.
  15. Motorcycles shall be parked ONLY in areas designated for this purpose within their assigned zones.
  16. Faculty, staff, and students may not park in the Red to load and unload. Faculty, staff, and students shall park in 30-minute zones if available. All 15-minute zones, 30- minute zones and other temporary zones are enforced 24 hours a day. These zones are for loading/unloading and quick access to high traffic areas. Individuals may not park in the same set of temporary zones more than once in any two-hour period. Reserved zones are enforced 24 hours a day.
  17. Parking locations marked VISITOR are specifically designated for visitors to the University. The use of these parking locations by a registered student or University employee is prohibited except 3 p.m. to 7 a.m. The President’s reserved zone is reserved 24 hours a day, and unauthorized vehicles may be towed at the owner’s expense.
  18. All parking lots – including but not limited to Baseball and Softball Lots – individuals park at their own risk. Louisiana Tech University assumes no liability for damage to a vehicle or its contents, included but not limited to damage resulting from operating a vehicle, acts of nature, vandalism, theft or flying objects such as rocks, baseballs or softballs.
  19. Students living in Campus Apartments (University Park, Park Place, Legacy Park, Robinson Commons, Potts Commons, Cottingham Apartments, Richardson Apartments, Mitchell Apartments) during the summer who were enrolled for spring and are pre-registered for fall will be bound by all vehicle regulations as if they were enrolled for classes.

Penalties for Louisiana Tech Moving and Parking Violations

For parking fines, moving violations, and handicap parking fines, contact the Traffic Office at 257-2921.

Penalties apply even though a ticket was not found on the automobile or other mode of transportation.

NOTE:Penalties for Louisiana Uniform Citation, which may also be issued by University Police Officers, are set by City Court.

  1. Tickets not paid within 48 hours will receive a $5 late fee per ticket. Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays are not counted in computing the 48 hours. These penalties apply to the faculty, staff, students, and employees connected with the University. When in violation of parking rules, the registrant is solely responsible.
  2. All penalties are paid at the Vehicle Registration Office at South Hall. Coins are not accepted as payment.
  3. Unregistered vehicles are subject to the same violation penalties stated for registered vehicles. After receiving 10 violations, the vehicle may be restricted from the campus and the registration denied for that quarter or session.
  4. Further violations for a registered or an unregistered vehicle beyond the above may necessitate the appearance of the individual before the Dean of Student Life for appropriate action.
  5. Illegally or improperly parked vehicles are subject to one ticket per day per location.
  6. An immobilization boot may be applied to unregistered vehicles that have received more than four tickets.
  7. Parking spaces reserved for handicapped persons are designated by a sign indicating such and/or a green curb. These zones are reserved for people with handicap parking permits. Students, faculty, and staff repeat offenders are subject to a Louisiana Uniform Citation for parking in a handicap zone (RS 40:1472). Unauthorized vehicles may be towed at the owner’s expense.

Bicycle Regulations

All bicycles parked on the Louisiana Tech University campus must be registered with the University Police Department and must bear a current decal issued by the University Policy Department. The following rules apply to bicycles operated on the campus. (The same regulations apply to unicycles.) Impoundment can occur if any of these regulations are violated (University police is not responsible for destroyed locks due to impoundment).

  1. Bicycles shall not be ridden in pedestrian crosswalks.
  2. Obey all signals, lights, speed limits, stop signs and instructions of University Police Officers.
  3. When operating bicycles between sunset and sunrise, the bicycle must have a white light visible for a distance of 500 feet to the front under normal atmospheric conditions and a red light or red reflector on the rear visible for a distance of 500 feet from the rear under normal atmospheric conditions.
  4. Bicycles shall yield the right of way to pedestrians.
  5. Bicycles shall not be used to tow any rider or roller skates, sled, bicycle, toy wagon or contrivance.
  6. DO NOT permit bicycle to be towed from any other vehicles.
  7. Bicycles are operated on roadways only and on the right side with the flow of vehicles traffic.
  8. The rider shall use hand signals to indicate turns.
  9. When riding with a group, bicycles are to be ridden single file.
  10. Report all accidents to University Police and do not leave the scene of an accident until instructed to do so by police officers.
  11. Bicycles should only be parked in the racks or spaces located in various designated areas on campus. Do not attach to handrails, trees, lamp and sign posts, etc.; to do so may result in confiscation.

Visitor Parking - Non-Family

Visitors are always welcome at Louisiana Tech and may use any available parking area zone except where the curb is painted red or reserved. Green handicap zones are reserved for drivers with a handicap permit or tag designation.

Large groups, such as conventions and conferences, are requested to contact the Louisiana Tech Police Department for parking arrangements at least four days prior to the meeting. Visitors who commit infractions of the parking regulations may be issued tickets and asked to comply with the instructions found on the back of the ticket. Louisiana Tech will not knowingly accept a fine from a visitor. Faculty, staff, employees, and students who operate, use or are transported in vehicles on the campus, regardless of ownership, will not be classified as visitors.

Family, Significant Other, or Friend Visitation Parking

Friends and families of our students are always welcome and are encouraged to visit our campus.

  1. If a vehicle is used to transport or chauffeur a Louisiana Tech student (regardless of ownership or driver), the student must secure a valid parking permit for the vehicle in order for the vehicle to be parked on the Louisiana Tech campus. Additionally, the vehicle must be parked legally in the appropriate zone.
  2. Family/significant other visitors may not park in Red (No Parking). Family/significant other visitors may not park in Green (handicap) unless the visitor vehicle has a handicap placard or license plate that has been issued for the driver of the vehicle. Family/significant other visitors must park in the zone for which the visited student is authorized to park. Violations will be charged to the visited student.
  3. Family/significant other visitors who visit the campus but are not transporting a Tech student or allowing the Tech student to use the vehicle (see No. 1 above) should comply with the following. Failure to comply may result in the ticket(s) being charged to the visited student. Students are responsible for informing their visitors of parking regulations.
  4. a) The family member/significant other visitor should come by the Traffic Office between 8 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. and receive a free visitor permit for the day of their visit.
  5. b) The family member/significant other visitor should bring the ticket received to the Traffic Office (8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.) or the Police window (after 4:30 p.m.) in person on the day it is received.
  6. Anyone parking a permitted vehicle must park the vehicle in the appropriate zone for which it is permitted (see Vehicle Zone Regulations).