How to Order Transcripts

Louisiana Tech University has appointed Parchment as the designated agent for processing and sending official (electronic and/or paper) transcripts. Parchment has been granted the authority to deliver all transcript requests on behalf of Louisiana Tech University and respond to any inquiries regarding the transactions. Therefore, we are unable to process any transcript request that have been received by fax or in the mail.

Orders can be placed online 24/7 by following the link below.

Order transcripts (This link will open in a new browser.)

Advantages to ordering transcripts online:

  • Expedites your order, most orders are created and delivered within minutes of processing
  • Effortlessly authorize and process your credit card payment
  • Facilitate the authorization to release student records as required by law
  • Allows you to submit your request any, time day or night
  • E-mail is sent if further information is needed to process your request
  • Confirmation e-mail sent when transcript order is complete

Need to check your order status?

Follow the link below OR login to your parchment account.

Need help with an order?

  • For support, you can contact Parchment by:
    1. Calling 847.716.3005
    1. Using the link below to email Parchment Support or search a question.