Benefits of the Honors Program

The Honors Program is designed for students of exceptional ability and motivation. Although the courses are meant to be more intellectually challenging and more rewarding, they are not supposed to be graded at a higher level or have tougher exams than regular classes. In this way, students will not be penalized in their GPA for taking the Honors classes. Furthermore, because the classes will emphasize active learning between students and faculty, the Foundations 21 curriculum will better prepare students who plan to go into professional programs, such as law or business, as well as other graduate programs. The curriculum is also designed for those students who want to enrich their minds and their lives through an examined encounter with the major works and ideas that have shaped western civilization. The intent, for students at Tech, is to provide a small liberal arts college education within a technologically-based, research institution.

Nonetheless, the specific benefits of the program are listed below:

  • Recognition of Honors achievement on transcripts and at commencement ceremonies
  • Smaller than average class size (the average Honors class is capped at 15 students) with the best and most innovative faculty members
  • An integrated core curriculum that will provide a solid foundation for graduate and professional school studies
  • Advanced or priority registration
  • Designated honors residential accommodations
  • Priority consideration in university programs
  • Access to Honors cultural, social, and academic activities