African American Male Initiative

The African American Male Initiative (AAMI) is designed to address the low retention and graduation rate among African American males at Louisiana Tech University.  This is not an organization but rather an initiative where there is no membership but rather a belonging.


Jimmy Washington – Coordinator
Office: Student Center 213
Phone: 318-257-2067

Primary Goal of the AAMI

Provide African American males at Louisiana Tech University a holistic educational experience while increasing retention and graduation rates of participants in the AAMI to a pint where they exceed the rates of the general student population. It is the goal of the AAMI to gain 100 percent participation from all African American males or underrepresented males who are not athletes from each freshman class cohort.

Goals for Individuals Who Participate in the AAMI

  • To give voice to each participant
  • To address academic inadequacies
  • To place the proper tools into the hands of participants
  • To recognize and seize opportunities to grow and develop
  • To help participants seek leadership opportunities
  • To encourage participants to take lessons learned and impart them into the next generation of young people
  • To use both conventional and unconventional methods to ensure the success and complete education of the student body at Louisiana Tech University

Planned Activities of the AAMI

  • Weekly meetings to address needs of participants
  • Outreach opportunities through service organizations and/or local schools
  • Mandatory tutoring for those in need
  • Mandatory study hall
  • Mandatory academic enhancement seminars for those with deficiencies
  • Periodic Progress Reports from professors to ensure successful progress
  • Recognition and rewards for those who achieve at high levels