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Career Development Plan

The Grand Plan: Career Development Plan for First Year Experience of Undecided Majors

Louisiana Tech University and Counseling Services is committed to providing resources for all students who are exploring their major or occupational choice. Throughout the freshman year, we offer a "Grand Plan" which provides resources that may help in the career decision making process.

During the Summer Orientation Program. . .

Career Directions is a three (3) hour interactive group experience led by a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC) that explores factors that should be considered to make a decision about a college major or occupational choice. Factors reviewed include interest, skills and abilities, values, and family influences.

During the Fall Quarter. . .

Career Coaching 101 is offered in each section of the University Seminar (UNIV) 100 for "Undecided Majors" and (UNIV) 101 "Academic Skills Enhancement" and is led by a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC). This component includes:

During the Fall, Winter, and Spring Quarters. . .

Vision Group consists of three meetings lasting two hours each where students join with others in a small group setting to assess their skills and abilities, work interest, temperament, and work related values. Assistance is offered by a Licensed Professional Counselor to compile a list of occupational options, and to help students better access current career information.

Career Decision Making Workshop is a two day, fast paced workshop where students engage in assessment of their skills and abilities, work interest, temperament, and gain access to online career information.

Career Lab is staffed by a licensed counselor each Monday and Tuesday from 3-4 PM. A counselor will guide students in completing assignments in the areas of interests, abilities, personality, and values. After the assessments have been completed, students will be scheduled to follow up with individual career counseling as needed. Call Counseling Services, 257-2488, to register for this lab; attendance is limited.

During the Winter and Spring Quarters. . .

EDCU 289B - Introduction to Career Development - This two hour (for credit) course provides students with an opportunity to learn and develop the necessary skills to engage in life/career planning. Participants in the course will learn career concepts and applications focusing on self-assessment, occupational exploration, and decision-making. Participants will also evaluate social conditions affecting career development, focusing on social, economic, family, and organizational changes affecting careers. Finally, participants will implement a strategic career plan, possessing employability skills and strategies for implementing academic/career development plans.