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Career Decision Making Services

All of our Career Decision Making services are available, free of charge, to any fully enrolled and attending student.  

All groups meet in the Career Center Education Room, Keeny Hall 337.

Vision Group: a small group, in-depth experience offered twice a quarter. You'll join other Tech students seeking to make similar career decisions. This two hour group will meet over three weeks and includes the opportunity for self-assessment of your skills and abilities, work related interests, temperament and values, assistance compiling and exploring potential occupations and majors, with the option to follow-up individually with a licensed counselor. Call 257-2488 to register today!


Career Decision Making Workshop: a fast paced, larger workshop setting that provides students the opportunity for self-assessment, help identifying potential occupations and Tech majors, with the option for individual follow-up with a licensed counselor. Call 257-2488 to reserve your spot today!


Career Lab: a newly revised service, providing students the opportunity to complete career assessments prior to attending individual career counseling. Students attend the one hour lab sessions as needed to obtain individualized career information. Lab size is limited so reserve your spot by calling 257-2488! Labs are offered every Monday and Tuesday from 3-4pm in Keeny Hall 337.

Individual Career Counseling:attendance at one of the previously mentioned services is a pre-requisite. Counseling will include assessments in all areas of skills and abilities, work related interests, temperament, personal and work related values as well as processing of assessment results, and individualized counseling as follow up. Call 318-257-2488 to schedule an appointment today. 

EDCI289B-  Introduction to Career Development: taught Winter and Spring quarters only, this 2 hour (for credit) course provides students with an opportunity to learn and develop the necessary skills to engage in life/career planning. Participants in the course will learn career concepts and applications focusing on self-assessment, occupational exploration, and decision-making. Participants will also evaluate social conditions affecting career development, focusing on social, economic, family, and organizational changes affecting careers. Finally, participants will implement a strategic career plan, possessing employability skills and strategies for implementing academic/career development plans.