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Employer Information

One component of the Career Center's mission is to assist you, as an employer, in meeting your personnel and staffing needs. The information included on this page is intended to introduce you to Louisiana Tech University and the services offered by the Career Center.

Louisiana Tech University, established in 1894, is a state-supported, coeducational university with enrollment exceeding 11,000 students. Accredited by the Commission on Colleges of the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools, Louisiana Tech offers degrees at the undergraduate and graduate levels in the following colleges:

College of Applied and Natural Sciences

College of Business

College of Education

College of Engineering and Science

College of Liberal Arts



The Career Center offers your organization the following services to our employer partners:

  • Job Posting Services - TechLink
  • On-Campus Interviews
  • Recruiting Events
  • Other Services


Job Posting Services - TechLink

Most current students and a large population of alumni have accounts with our career services management system that we locally call TechLink. TechLink’s main use is as an online job board and it enables students and alumni to search for and apply to opportunities that align with their program of study and career goals.  As a staff, we also use the system as an employer contact database, as a tool to schedule on-campus interviews, and as a calendar to promote workshops sponsored by the Career Center and events in the community that relate well to Tech students and their career development.

Staff also use functions of the system to promote job postings to specific populations of alumni and current students who you wish to see the opportunity. Staff also works closely with faculty partners to promote the opportunities posted to TechLink. 

On our website, you can access our online job board by clicking on the image labeled TechLink for Employers.  To set up an account with this system and to post opportunities, please follow these instructions:

-Creating a TechLink account-

  • Navigate to the TechLink registration page, accessible here: TechLink for Employers
  • If you are ready to post a position once you’ve created your account, select the “Register and Post Local Job” button.  Otherwise, select the “Register” button.  Both are located on the right-hand side of the registration page
  • Complete the Employer Registration form, filling in all required fields. Once you have completed the form, click on the submit button at the bottom of the page
  • A page will pop up that says, “Thank you for registering with TechLink at Louisiana Tech University! You will receive your username and password through email within one business day.”
  • You will have the ability to login to your account once you receive an email entitled Welcome to TechLink (Louisiana Tech University)!, which contains information about your username and how to create your password
  • Follow the link in the Welcome to TechLink (Louisiana Tech University)! email to create and confirm your new password

 -Posting jobs and internships on TechLink-

  • Go to TechLink for Employers
  • Enter your username (email) & password, which will bring you to the HOME PAGE
  • Click "jobs" on the top menu bar or select the “Create Job Posting” shortcut on the right-hand side of the page
  • If you enter through the “jobs” menu bar, click on ADD NEW and fill out all of the required fields in order to post your opportunities only to Tech students at no charge
  • You can post opportunities to any school in the NACELink network at $25 per school under the “Multi-School Postings” tab and click on “Add New”
  • Enter your job and or internship and click SUBMIT at the bottom of the page
  • Upon submitting your job/internship posting, you will receive an email from our office regarding the approval of it

Employers may list job vacancies as needs arise. This service is especially effective when a campus visit is not possible. In addition to using TechLink, opportunities can also be passed along via FAX, mail, email, or personal visit. If you have any questions, please contact the Career Center at (318) 257-4336 or e-mail us at careercenter@latech.edu.


On-Campus Interviews

After you have posted a position, you may find that there are many applicants with whom you’d like to meet. If this is something you’d like to pursue for the future, you can contact the Coordinator of Employer Relations & Recruitment Services to arrange a date and to work out the details of a campus visit.

For your reference, there are six (6) private interview rooms and some conference space we can offer to accommodate your needs during a campus visit.  If you’d like, we can also arrange for you to meet with faculty during your lunch break so that you may network and learn even more about Tech and the academic programs that fit the needs of your organization.

Other considerations that may be useful to you when arranging your visit: 

It is recommended that you call the office at least three weeks in advance to schedule a recruiting date. Daily interviews normally begin no earlier than 8:30 am with the last interview beginning at 4:00 pm. A standard schedule consists of twelve, 30-minute interviews, though an alternative interview interval is possible.

Confirmation and working out the logistics of your on-campus interviews will take place on the phone or via email with the Coordinator of Employer Relations & Recruitment Services.

Once your interviews have finished, we would appreciate a report of offers extended to our graduates as well as acceptances of those offers. This will enhance the accuracy of our records. The Coordinator of Employer Relations & Recruitment Services will provide you with a form that will assist you in this process following your campus visit.


Career Days

Each fall and spring the Career Center sponsors Career/Recruitment Days. Students and alumni in all majors are invited to participate.

Teacher Recruitment Day is held each April. Please contact staff in the office if you wish to reserve a space for one of these events.


Other Services

Aside from the three items listed above, we also offer other services including displaying your company literature in our Center, arranging classroom visits with relevant student populations, or offering information sessions in the Career Center that we advertise to the campus at large.

We also have social media outlines we use, and opportunities in you organization can be promoted through these avenues.  If you have a tweet or Facebook message that you have used in the past to promote opportunities in your organization, we welcome your passing that along. 

Recently, a LinkedIn group called The TechLink Forum has been created. Its main purpose is to be a space where students, alumni, and our employer partners can interact with one another. If you believe that being a part of this group would enhance your recruiting experience, we invite you to contact the Coordinator of Employer Relations & Recruitment Services for more information.

If your company wishes to advertise in The Tech Talk, our weekly student newspaper, please contact:

Advertising Adviser
The Tech Talk
P.O. Box 10258
Ruston, LA 71272

(318) 257-4427



If you find that you have questions, you are welcomed to be in touch via email (careercenter@latech.edu) or on the phone, by dialing 318.257.4336. 

Thank you for your interest in our students and we look forward to working with you in the future.