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Job Search Preparation

First and foremost is the writing and fine-tuning of your resume. A resume guide, in several different layouts, is available.  Students may choose to have their resumes reviewed in one of two ways:

   1.  Attend a Resume Seminar. Seminars are offered throughout the quarter and resume critiques are available for those who attend.

   2.  Create a student profile in TechLink and upload resume.

The next step is interview preparation. Interview preparation helps you learn how interviews are conducted, the types of questions that may be asked, and how to dress and conduct yourself properly. After all, your are selling yourself!  Be prepared for some companies to invite you to visit their facilities as part of the interview process.

Networking is an excellent way to locate jobs and establish contacts that may lead to an interview.

What might this job pay? There are several ways to determine the average salary range of many jobs. A salary information/calculator can help.

If the job requires you to relocate, link to our relocation information page.

You can also find information on how to survive the first year on the job.