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List of Participating Employers

February 13, 2014

Parenthesis indicate which major(s) the company will be seeking while recruiting.

f = full-time | i = internship/co-op |  s = summer employment

As of this date, these organizations have registered for Spring Career Day 2014. Please continue to monitor the list of companies registered to attend, as it changes nearly daily.

Addteq, Inc. (csc) | (f)
Ampirical Solutions, LLC (cven, elen, meen) | (f) (i) (s)
Arkansas State Highway & Transportation Department
 (cven) | (f) (s)
Audubon Engineering (elen, cmen, cven, meen) | (f) (s)
Axiall Corporation (chem, cmen, cven, csc, elen, elet, inen, meen) | (f) (i)
Baker Hughes, Inc. (cmen, chem, cven, elen, meen) | (f) (i)
Baxter Healthcare (any engineering) | (f) (i)
Benteler Steel/Tube Manufacturing Corp (cven, elen, inen, meen) | (f)
Beta Engineering/DIS-TRAN (acct, cven, cis, ceth, elen, elet, fin, inen) | (f) (i)
Blue Cross & Blue Shield of Mississippi (acct, biol, bien, buad, cet, cis, csc, fin, mgtb, mktg, sscmgt, psyc) | (f)
Bowman Systems LLC (csc) | (f)
Brookshire Grocery Company (any business) | (f) (i) (s)
Bunge North America (any business) | (f) (i) (s)
C.H. Robinson (any business) | (i)
Cameron (inen, meen) | (f) (i)
CDI Corporation (cmen, cven, elen, meen) | (f) (i) (s)
CenterPoint Energy (cven, elen, meen) | (i) (s)
CenturyLink (any business, any engineering except cven, csc) | (f) (i) (s)
Chase (any major) | (f)
Cleco Corporation (acct, elen, elet, fin, meen, sscmgt) | (i)
Community Healthcore (counseling, all ed majors, f&cs, nurs, psyc) | (f) (i)
Crawford Financial Group (any bus) | (f)
Cudd Energy Services (any eng) | (f)
Cygnet (csc, elen, elet) | (f) (i)
Dashiell Corporation (ceth, elet) | (f)
Delta State University (acct, avmgt, any bus, education, liberal arts, natural sciences, nurs)
Deltic Timber Corporation (acct, for) | (f)
EDG, Inc. (cmen, cven, elen, meen) | (f) (i) (s)
Enable Midstream Partners (cmen, ceth, meen) | (i)
Engineered Air Balance (meen) | (f) (i) (s)
Entegra - Union Power Station (cmen, cven, elen, meen) | (s)
Enterprise Rent-A-Car (any bus) | (f) (i) (s)
ExpressJet Airlines (prav) | (f) (i)
Fenway Group (any bus) | (f) (i)
Fibrebond Corporation (elen) |(f)
Firestone Complete Auto Care (bus, mgtb, mktg) | (f) (i) (s)
Fluor Corporation (cmen, cven, elen, meen) | (f)
Forte and Tablada (cven, elen) | (f) (i) (s)
Georgia-Pacific (elen, meen, cmen, inen) | (f) (i) (s)
Georgia-Pacific - Building Products (any eng) | (f) (i)
Grambling State University Alternative Teacher Certification Project (any majors in COES, gnst) | (f) (i)
Graphic Packaging International (cmen, elen, inen, meen) | (f) (i) (s)
Graphic Packaging - West Monroe Mill (acct, bus, cmen, elen, meen) | (i) (s)
Gulf Interstate Engineering (ceth) | (f)
Halliburton (any major in COES) | (f)
Hatch Mott MacDonald (ceth, cven, elen, elet, gis, meen) | (f) (i) (s)
Hearing Lab Technologies, LLC (audiology) | (f) 
Horseshoe Casino & Hotel (any majors) | (f) (s)
Hunt, Guillot & Associates, LLC (cven, elen, meen) | (f) (i)
IBM (cis, elen, math) | (f) (i) (s)
Jackson Municipal Airport Authority (avmgt) | (i)
Jacobs (cmen, cven, elen, meen) | (f) (i)
Keystone Engineering, Inc. (cven, elen, inen, meen) | (f) (s)
Kohl's (any major) | (i)
Kongsberg Maritime, Inc. (csc, elen) | (f) (i)
KSA Engineers, Inc. (any eng) | (f) (i)
Louisiana Land Bank (any bus)
Louisiana CAT (any eng, any bus, any liberal arts) | (f)
Louisiana Department of Transportation & Development (cven) | (f) (s)
Louisiana Legislative Auditor (acct, mba) | (f) (i)
Louisiana Methodist Children's Home (counseling, education, nurs, psyc, soc, f&cs) | (f)
Louisiana Tech University College of Business Graduate Program (MBA)
LSUHSC-Shreveport, School of Graduate Studies (biol, chem) 
Manson Construction Co. (cven, ceth, meen) | (f) (i) (s)
McElroy Metal (cven) | (f) (i) (s)
Mississippi College (any major)
Mississippi College School of Law (any major)
MWV | (f) (i) (s)
Myriant Lake Providence, Inc. (any eng,biol,  chem, csc) | (f)
Nalco Champion (cmen, chem) | (f) (i)
National Security Technologies, LLC (any major in COES) | (f) (s)
Navy (any major; eng) | (f)
Nexans AmerCable (elen, elet, mktg) | (f) (i)
Oncor Electric Delivery LLC (elet) | (i)
Orion Marine Group (ceth, cven) | (f) (i)
Packaging Corporation of America (all eng) | (f) (i)
Phillips Energy Partners, LLC (acct, buad, acam, cis, econ, eng, fin, mgtb, mktg, math) | (f) (i) (s)
PioneerRx Pharmacy Software (buad, cis, csc) | (f)
The Plumbing Warehouse/LCR (mgtb) | (f)
Polaris Engineering (cven, elen, inen, meen) | (f) (i)
Powell Electrical Systems, Inc. (elen, meen) | (f) (i)
POWER Engineers, Inc. (cven) | (f) (i)
PumpWorks 610, LLC/Integrated Flow Solutions (elen, elet, meen) | (f)
Red Peach Radio (any major)
Roddey Engineering Services, Inc. (any major in COES) | (f) (i) (s)
Roseburg Forest Products (csc, elen, ensc, for, inen, mgmt, mkgt, meen) | (i)
RoyOMartin (any bus, for) | (f)
RSH Engineering (meen) | (f) (i) (s)
Saks Incorporated (Saks Fifth Avenue) | (f) (i)
Sasol (any major in COES) | (f)
Southern University Law Center (any major) 
Southwest Power Pool (elen, meen) | (s)
Spectra Energy (cven, elen, meen) | (f) (i)
Target (any major) | (f) (i)
Tata Consultancy Services (cis, csc, elen) | (f)
Texas Department of Transportation (acct, fin, any eng) | (f)
Tower Loan (any bus) | (f)
U.L. Coleman Companies (agbu, archs/arch, any bus, ceth) | (f) (i)
University Health - basic medical sciences graduate program 
U.S. Army Corps of Engineers - Vicksburg (cven) | (i)
U.S. Army Corps of Engineers - Little Rock (cven,cmen, elen, ensc, inen, meen, phys) | (f) (i) (s)
USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service (agbu, cven, for) | (f) (i) (s)
UTLX Manufacturing LLC (meen) | (f) (i)
Vantage Health Plan, Inc. (acct, cis, csc, fin, medtech, nurs) | (f)
West Fraser, Inc. (any eng) | (f) (i)
Weyerhaeuser Company (elen, inen, meen) | (i) (s)
The Whiting-Turner Contracting Company (ceth) | (f) (i) (s)