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Office of Multicultural Affairs

The mission of the Office of Multicultural Affairs (OMA) is to foster learning and working environments on campus where students of color are empowered through educational, social, and leadership initiatives at Louisiana Tech University.  OMA supports the University's mission to recruit and retain a diverse undergraduate and graduate student body by participating in strategic recruiting efforts and programing that meets the needs of faculty and students.  Specifically, OMA is committed to creative leadership and strong advocacy that fosters and enriches campus diversity with a goal of promoting cultural understanding, inclusion and positive relationships that supports students' success.  

This vision of academic and cultural success is embodied in these 7 principles:
Scholarship ~ Tech students are the best and brightest, academic excellence is expected and encouraged.
Unity ~ Tech students should feel a sense of harmony on campus.  
Community ~ Tech students are apart of the Loyal Blue community.
Commitment ~ Tech is committed to diversity and inclusion of all students.
Engagement ~ Tech students participate in activities promoting leadership skills. 
Self-Acceptance ~ Tech students are embraced for who they are and what the bring to campus.
Social & Emotional Well-Being ~ Tech students are provided with services that promote self-care.