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Financial Aid Glossary


Cost of Attendance Calculator

Cost of Attendance (COA) is an estimate of direct and indirect educational costs and may not reflect your actual charges. The cost is calculated based on the answers given below pertaining to your anticipated enrollment at Louisiana Tech University. Individual Colleges may administer fees that are not included in this estimate.

  Step 1. Answer Questions
1 Are you an undergraduate or graduate?
2 How many quarters will you attend this year?
3 How many hours will you take each quarter?
4 Where will you live while attending school?
5 Are you a legal resident of Louisiana or will you receive an out-of-state fee waiver?
6 What is the total financial aid or scholarships you plan to receive for all quarters you are attending?
  Step 2. Estimated Fees - Calculated
1 Your estimated tuition and fees are:
2 Your estimated cost for room and board is:
3 Your estimated yearbook fee is:
4 Your estimated technology fee is:
5 Your estimated energy surcharge is:
6 Your estimated cost for books and supplies is:
  Step 3. Estimated Cost - Calculated
1 Your total estimated Cost of Attendance is:
2 Your total estimated financial aid and scholarships is:
3 Your estimated out-of-pocket cost per quarter is:


NOTE: The Step 3, Line 3 quarterly amount is what you will have to be able to pay each quarter for continued enrollment at the University.

The Cost of Attendance you will see on your Award Letter will contain additional amounts. One of those amounts will be an estimated amount for transportation costs incurs in attending Louisiana Tech University.

A second amount included will be for Miscellaneous Costs such as laundry, sundries, personal hygiene, recreation and entertainment necessary to allow the student to live at a reasonable standard.

Based on your attendance plans, the additional allowances included in your total Cost of Attendance are: