Transfer Student

Please note that most Louisiana schools operate on a semester schedule; two regular semesters of about 15 weeks duration and a summer session of about two months duration. Louisiana Tech University operates on the quarter system; quarters begin in September, December, March and June. Obviously, the completion of a semester is not going to coincide with the end of a quarter. If you attend and complete the fall semester at another school, the earliest you can enroll at Tech is in the Spring quarter. The only time the semester schools are synchronized with Tech is at the fall semester/quarter. There is about two weeks differential in starting time. Also note that financial aid is based on the current award year. Therefore, any aid received from other institutions must be taken into consideration and subtracted from total eligibility. Also, official undergraduate/graduate transcripts from prior schools must be sent to the either Admissions or Registrar’s office if you are applying for financial aid. Omission of any school could delay your aid.

Students seeking readmission to Louisiana Tech University and applying for federal financial aid must insure that the Admissions office is aware of the period of prior attendance at Louisiana Tech University, any attendance at colleges and universities before first attending Louisiana Tech University and, most importantly, any colleges and universities attended between your first attendance at Louisiana Tech University and this readmission application.Insure that all transcripts are either on file or have been submitted to insure that your federal financial aid is not delayed.

Submit all needed information in a timely manner. If transferring between quarters to Louisiana Tech University, be prepared to pay for your first quarter of registration without federal financial aid. There is no assurance that you will receive federal financial aid unless all prior work has been evaluated and found to meet the requirements for aid.

1. Apply for readmission to Louisiana Tech University.
You must be accepted for admission before the Louisiana Tech Office of Financial Aid can determine your financial aid package.

2. Complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).
You must list Louisiana Tech University on your FAFSA so we can receive the results. Be sure to list the correct school code (002008). As a freshman entering college for the first time, you should indicate on your FAFSA that you are seeking an associate’s or bachelor’s degree.   Complete your FAFSA now.

3. Complete the Louisiana Tech Data Form.
This form collects information that is not available on the FAFSA and allows Louisiana Tech to create a more accurate award package. Louisiana Tech cannot proceed with processing a financial aid package until either the Data Form (Online) or the Data Form (Fill and Print) is received. Complete your Data Form now on Net Partner.

4. Review your Student Aid Report (SAR).
If your SAR is rejected or requires correction or you are selected for verification, you should read the instructions carefully and take appropriate action.

5. Missing something?
When the Office of Financial Aid receives your SAR, you will receive a “missing information” letter or email outlining further information the office may require to complete your application. Log in to Net Partner and click “Missing Documents” to check your document status. Please provide the information or take the directed action to correct the problem as quickly as possible to avoid delays in awarding your financial aid. Downloadable Forms and Documents are available to assist you with any “missing information”.

NOTE: Submit all College Transcripts (if applicable) to Louisiana Tech University. The Office of Financial Aid will need to review all college transcripts for grades and course completion in order to determine whether the student meets our Satisfactory Academic Progress requirements. This includes classes taken as dual enrollment credit.

Respond to the award letter.
If you do not have a Louisiana Tech email address, you will receive a paper financial aid award letter outlining the aid Louisiana Tech can offer you. If you have a Louisiana Tech email address, notice will be sent by email when you have an award letter. We cannot complete the financial aid process until you return the letter or accept your awards online. Please return the signed award letter within three weeks of the date of the letter so we know that you intend to accept the funds offered or complete and sign your award letter electronically by visiting Net Partner.